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The Wine Cellar:   Bartenura Kosher Wines

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Importer: Royal Wine Corp, New York, NY

Bartenura is unique in the fact that it is Kosher, but this is not your Manischwitz wine which tastes more like sweetened grape juice rather than wine.  The not only make Soave, Chianti and other red and white wines, but liquers like lemon and lime from citrus grown in Southern Italy. 

Label Reads: Soave is made from a blend of Garganega and Trebbiano grapes, that were grown on the hills near the town of Soave in the province of Verona.  This is a dry wine that is fresh, clean and most plasant.  Excellent with hors d'ouvres, fish and white meats.  

Our Notes: A great white wine, one of the best with a clean, crisp taste. It is under the supervision of Rabbi GM Garelik of Milan, is Kosher and is a quality wine.    

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