Where can I get CBD Hemp Oil?

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After learning about CBD oil from hemp, its contents, and benefits, the next step is usually to start the search for a good and reliable supplier. Purchasing CBD hemp oil like many other supplements, requires a lot of caution because you have to ensure that you get a genuine product that meets the set quality standards.

The hemp plant is of the Cannabis Sativa species, it does not carry any “high” effects, and that is why it has not been categorized under the restrictions of marijuana. This is good news because it means that shipping and purchasing of the oil are not highly controlled. You can hence purchase the product anywhere within the United States and also in 40 other different countries around the world. CBD oil products are mostly available in online stores. In these shops, you will find them stocked with Dixie Botanicals and Real Scientific hemp oils among many other CBD hemp oil. They are also available in medical marijuana dispensaries and other natural, wellness, and health product stores.


What to Take Into Account When you buy CBD Hemp Oil


Purchasing of health products or supplements always demands a lot of care. You have to do careful research on the stores retailing these products. You should dig deeper to look at other factors which can help you to gauge how trustworthy the company is. Remember, you are going to use this item in the hope of improving your wellness, and therefore it’s a worthy investment to take your time and make sure you don’t end up purchasing a counterfeit item that might have serious side effects. Here are a few things that you should look into before placing your order:


The Product’s Track Record

CBD Hemp Oil products were first made available in 2012. They, hence, haven’t been around for long, and this means that it might be a bit challenging when you are looking for a market with a perfect track record. This, however, does not say that there are no respected companies out there supplying CBD oils. HempMeds and Medical Marijuana Inc., for instance, have been providing these products since they came into the market. Over the years, they have established a broad market of satisfied customers meaning that the oils they stock are of the right quality.

Medical Marijuana Inc. which has seen the CBD Hemp Oil grow into a reputable industry, has an international cart for buyers outside the United States. Living outside the US, therefore, shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying CBD Hemp Oil benefits.


Third Party Testing

When it comes to medical products, testing is a very crucial part. The government has placed vital regulations to make sure that these items are not only safe and of good quality, but also do what they claim to do. Research on the testing policies of the company will give you an insight into how good their products are.


One of the critical testing policies that you should look for is third party testing. This will help to tell you if the company is keen on outsourcing other laboratories to test and verify that the oils contain the right levels of unpolluted cannabinoids.


The other important policy is the triple lab testing. As the name suggests, this is a regulation where the oils are subjected to three different laboratory tests before they are finally placed on the retailing shelves.


cbd hemp oil - cbd oil for sale


The first test is usually done immediately after the harvesting of the hemp plants. This is aimed at confirming that the plants not only have the cannabinoids oils, but they are also of the right ratio. The other reason for making this test is to check the presence of any residual contaminants. After weeks of cultivating the plants, there is always a chance that they could get polluted. This test will help to identify contaminated plants thus making it possible to either get rid of them or to cleanse them before they are moved to the next processing level.


Hemp plants used for commercial purposes are never cultivated within the US. Instead, they are imported and then transported to processing industries for final preparations. The second testing is usually conducted upon arrival of the imported CBD batches. This test makes sure that the quality of the CBD oils has been maintained throughout harvesting and transportation. The analysis also helps to confirm cannabinoid contents. A good CBD Hemp Oil distributor will be using a licensed and highly reputable third-party laboratory.


The last testing is done after all the processing and formulation is concluded. Its purpose is to reassure the manufacturers of the accuracy of the CBD contents and for final safety verification. This test is critical because it is done on the last sample of CBD Hemp Oils that we consume.


Check out the Hemp plant’s source


In 2014, a Farm Bill was passed allowing companies in the US to plant Hemp for research purposes strictly. Therefore, they cannot be used to make commercial products such as CBD hemp oil. For this reason, you have to be keen to ensure that the ones you are purchasing come out of the US, otherwise they are illegal.


The best and recommended hemp plants come from Europe. This region, Northern Europe, in particular, have decades worth of experience in the cultivating of high-quality hemp plants which is precisely what you need.


Clear Labelling


Labelling is supposed to give you a brief understanding of what is contained in the item. The label should hence be clear in listing down the ingredients, uses and storage details. If you come across any questionable ingredients, go ahead and ask the retailer about it. If you still don’t understand it, then you are better off looking for another seller. Clear labels should also enable you to see ingredients that you might be allergic to.


Avoid companies pushing marketing CBD Hemp Oils with Health claims


The FDA has not categorized CBD hemp oil as a dietary supplement, or approved safe. Such supplements are not allowed to make claims about any medical benefits. If your supplier tells you the oils will treat a specific condition; therefore, they are in violation of DSHEA guidelines and are probably deceiving you. What you should do is to make your independent research on the benefits of cannabinoids and consult your physician to determine whether they are right for you.


Types of CBD Hemp Oil


CBD Hemp Oils are available in different forms like:

  1. Pure CBD Oils – This particular type of CBD Oils offers the benefits of cannabinoids from pure unflavored extracts. No other additives or ingredients are ever added here.
  2. CBD Capsules – Capsules make it very convenient to carry the supplement with you wherever you go while keeping them free from contaminations. Moreover, they help you to enjoy the benefits of the oils without tasting them.
  3. CBD Tinctures and Liquids – These oils have been formulated with Triglyceride oils making them easy to take as is. You can also add them to beverages and food.
  4. CBD Vaporizer Oils – CBD Hemp oils have been creatively compressed to fit in a vape pen battery where you can peacefully puff the oils.
  5. CBD Tropicals – Here, the CBD hemp oils have been blended with other natural ingredients and then packaged like a balm meant to be applied to tired muscles, trouble skin, and sore joints. This provides a magical soothing effect while also giving you other benefits.
  6. CBD Isolate (tincture) – The CBD Isolate is a multipurpose 99% pure CBD supplement. It can be used in a vaporizer, in edibles, sublingually, or to increase the concentration of CBD in your other CBD hemp oil supplements.


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