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Travel: Lazio, Italy

The region of Lazio is shown above in red

The Roman Coliseum is synonymous with Rome, once an arena for fights to the death between animals and slaves,
it was once rededicated to those who died here and it was even considered to have a church built on this site.

Lazio, is of course, the Center of Italy for all intense purposes because Rome is the Capitol of Italy, but also the home of The Vatican, and of course, once the capitol of the largest empires in the history of the world.  It was said that the empire of Rome was so large, that the sun never set on this empire because it stretched from Europe all the way through Persia, Asia, Africa and beyond.

Noted Cities & Destinations for Lazio
Rome: Roman Coliseum; Pantheon; Ancient Ruins/Old Rome
Vatican City: Vatican Museum; St. Peter's Basilica; Vatican Gardens

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