How Exogenous Ketone Supplements Can Optimize Your Keto Lifestyle

Exogenous ketones are the most promising solution for losing weight and supplementing a ketogenic diet. These products contain ketones that are produced naturally in the body, and because it is a naturally derived product it boasts few and very mild side effects.   

Ketosis State  

If you are looking for a boost to your diet and exercise regime, a product like FitClub Keto Platinum could be the extra push you need to start down the path of a ketogenic lifestyle. This ketone supplement accelerates reaching a state of ketosis and then enhances your body’s FitClub Keto Platinum Reviewcapacity to maintain that state. This optimizes the benefits of your keto diet, in addition to improving cognitive health, overall well-being, and promoting longevity.  

In this post, we will look deeper into how FitClub Keto has been able to help so many people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

What Is BHB?  

When you research keto supplements and dieting, you’ll likely come across the term BHB. It stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate, the main ketone present in exogenous keystone supplements. There are many products that market themselves as BHB supplements, this is simply another term for exogenous ketone supplements.  

Without carbohydrate, our bodies naturally produce BHB from fat which yields energy production. When purchasing any exogenous ketone supplements, you want to ensure that they contain BHB so your body can make the best use of it in combination with your keto diet.  

Quality supplements should possess three primary characteristics: the presence of BHB salts, all-natural flavors, and the absence of carbohydrates. Luckily Fitclub Keto Platinum has all of these. You want to be sure that the products don’t contain any low-grade ingredients that can negatively affect your health.  

Ketone Oils, Salts, and Esters  

As previously discussed, BHB is the most common active ingredient in ketone supplements. They are available in three different forms: ester, salt, and oil.  

Ketone Oils   

Medium Chain-Triglycerides (or MCTs) like coconut oil are useful ways to boost ketone levels indirectly. Cells within our body break the MCTs down, using them as fuel to produce ketones. While this is a perfectly fine way to supplement the keto diet, this method is indirect and the ketone compounds aren’t immediately available like in the cases of salts and esters.  

Ketone Salts    

These are naturally-derived compounds that contain BHB combined with potassium, sodium, or calcium to improve absorption. Ketone salts currently dominate the keto supplement market, and are often labeled as “Ketone Mineral-Salts” and “BHB Mineral Salts.”  

Ketone Esters   

These synthetically-produced compounds connect ketone bodies to alcohol to undergo metabolization in the liver, where they are transformed into a ketone. Today, most esters are only used for the purpose of research in increasing ketone blood levels. They are said to have a very unpleasant taste.   

Although esters are not nearly as common in the market as salts or oils, research from a 4-week study on rats indicates they are more effective in reducing weight gain. However, in the end, a combination of MCT oils and BHB salts had matched the results of esters alone.  

It is important to be aware that raspberry ketones are unrelated to BHB and exogenous ketone supplements. Despite being a popular diet supplement, evidence suggests raspberry ketones are not effective for weight loss.  

So, Which Ketone Supplement Should I Choose?  

Despite their mild side effects, including an unpleasant taste and diarrhea, salts are the best and most popular option for supplementing exogenous ketones. You can find out for yourself why keto salts are so popular by reading these FitClub Keto Platinum reviews written by real customers. For many, ketone salts are a quick and painless method to supplementing their keto diet. They can get be easily found in the form of pills, powders, and drinks.  

Esters may be the quickest and most effective ketone supplement, but they are unpopular due to the foul taste as well the side effects which include severe diarrhea, bloating, and gas.  

Oils are also a wonderful option; however, they work best when combined with salts for an optimized ketone boost.  

Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements  

When you follow a keto diet your body naturally produces three types of ketones during ketosis: acetone, acetoacetate, and BHB. At a time when the body is not in a state of ketosis, it derives huge benefits from supplementing additional ketones.  

There may be times when your body won’t be able to maintain a steady state of ketosis. By consuming ketone supplements, you can quickly get your body back into ketosis without too much delay. You can ingest them prior to workouts or between meals.  

In addition to improving your cognitive health, the above supplements also help you by:  

  • Boosting mental focus


  • Promoting rapid weight loss


  • Reducing hunger


  • Regulating blood glucose levels


  • Preventing disease


  • Decreasing inflammation.


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How to Cope with the Side Effects of Phentermine

How to Cope with the Side Effects of Phentermine  


Most drugs on the market come with side effects. This isn’t any different for Phentermine. This weight loss product has been proven to help individuals attain a healthy body weight. Nonetheless, our bodies often react differently to the products we ingest on a case by case basis. Your side effects might not be the same as someone else’s. Whatever your experience, it is always helpful to know what you can do to ease the discomfort of unwanted side effects. Below are some home remedies for Phentermine side effects.  



Feeling drowsy is one of the side effects of using Phentermine. Drowsiness can affect your personal and professional life, since it lowers your productivity. Drowsiness is usually a symptom of dehydration. The easiest way to control drowsiness is to hydrate by drinking enough water. Consider eating succulent fruits such as watermelon and hydrating meals. Reduce the number of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages you consume in a day, as theses can contributes to dehydration. Remember to cut on your salt intake, since it too fosters dehydration.  

While using Phentermine you should be committed to a healthy diet plan. Eating less food than you usually do causes a drop in blood sugar leading to drowsiness. Therefore, instead of eating large meals, consider dividing them into small parts. This way, you are able to keep your body nourished at all times without prolonging periods of hunger, which can contribute to feeling tired.  

Make sure your plate includes foods with lots of vitamins and minerals. It will give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and curb drowsiness.  


Insomnia or Lack of Sleep 

Insomnia is a condition that makes you unable to sleep properly. It is associated with problems such as cravings, low energy, and stress.  A lack of sleep can affect your weight loss efforts. If you cannot sleep well, you will be exhausted the next day meaning you cannot exercise as well. It is important to get a handle on insomnia as soon as you can, and you should seek professional help if you are unable to combat the condition on your own.  

If Phentermine makes you toss around in bed, there are a few things you can do to help achieve a restful sleep. After dinner, take a warm bath. It will soothe your body, calm you down, and prepare you to sleep. Avoid habits such as watching TV or using your phone before bed. The light from these screens can prolong the time it takes you to fall asleep. Disconnect all gadgets that might keep you awake. Ensure you are as comfortable as possible by adjusting the room temperature, using a good pillow, and a comfortable mattress. 



Nausea disrupts your mood and kills your appetite. If you realize that after using the weight loss product you feel nauseous, do not panic. Try hydrating by drinking some water. This should help it go away. Eat small meals spread across the entire day. When you eat a large meal then wait for a prolonged period to eat again, you will feel hungry faster. You are likely to feel nausea as well. Ginger tea can also help to ease nausea.  


Dry Mouth 

Having a dry mouth is an unpleasant feeling. It may cause you to have chapped lips and sore gums. The obvious remedy is drinking water. You may not like the taste of plain water. You can add cucumber or lemon in it to improve how it tastes.  Eat cucumber, grapefruit and other fruits with high water quantity. They will go a long way in helping you hydrate. Once again, reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol, as they can contribute to dehydration and dry mouth.  



Constipation is a disorder many people experience across the globe. However, if you develop it while using Phentermine, there are several remedies. It all starts with your diet. Consume foods rich in fiber. They will help with digestion and ensure smooth movement of food in the gut, thus reducing constipation. 

Consider eating whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fibrous fruits. Do not forget to intake adequate water. It loosens waste making it easy to excrete. Reduce caffeine in your diet. It draws water from your system meaning you may have a harder time passing stool.  



The Final Word 

Like any other health and fitness product, Phentermine acknowledges these side effects. However, they are often mild and manageable. Handling them should be simple. All the remedies discussed are natural and can be done by yourself at home. How difficult is drinking water, eating fruits and making your bedroom sleep-friendly? These things take a few minutes and will not mess up your schedule in any way. However, if these side effects persist despite your own efforts to combat them, you should seek the help of a medical professional.