PHGH: The All-Natural Viagra that Actually Works!

Viagra is a prescription medication that you can get from your doctor to reduce erectile dysfunction (ED) however, not everyone is prepared to integrate pharmaceutical drugs into their health regimen. I know I didn’t want to! And that is exactly the reason why I talked to my doctor about other natural options to help with my erection problems. It’s not that I am unable to get it up – because I can. But today, it’s just not the same in the bedroom behind closed doors with my partner as it used to be when I was younger.

I am by no means an “old man,” but apparently ED can even affect men before the age of 40! According to researchers, ED commonly happens around this time in men’s lives because cardiovascular function tends to decline for men in their 40’s. The two health concerns are linked because, as you may know, when you get an erection it requires more blood flow to your penis. That’s how it all works, so if you are having any type of cardiovascular issue like high blood pressure, or cholesterol imbalance (commonly caused by a poor diet) it could negatively affect your ability to get hard. And it will definitely cause you to notice changes in your sex life!1

How I Found PHGH: The All-Natural Viagra

When I thought about improving my performance in bed, I wanted to talk to my doctor about it first. Truth be told, I really went to his office to find out about getting a prescription for Viagra – a pharmaceutical medication for ED. However, when I got there my doctor basically told me that I didn’t have a problem with my penis … the problem, was in my cardiovascular system. But there was good news! I was going to be able to address the problem, and boost my overall health at the same time. I just needed to follow his recommendations for some simple, and easy lifestyle changes. They included regular exercise, a heart-healthy menu, along with suggestions for an all-natural vasodilator supplement.

Essentially, this was all supposed to help me get my cardiovascular function back to 100% as over the years, my stressful job, and my lack of healthy eating had taken a toll on my ticker. I was ready, and getting a little excited that I wasn’t going to just pop a prescription pill for a hard-on, because we all know that rock-your-world sex is much more than that. You need energy, stamina, and of course confidence in your own body, which only comes from taking care of it from the inside out. I took the suggestions to my online search browser, and you’ll never guess what I found …

PHGH Advanced Vaso/Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement was right there for the taking! Designed specifically for men with a dual need for a strong cardiovascular system, plus a hard, lasting erections PHGH isn’t just a shot-in-the-dark formula. In fact, PHGH was created by an experienced male pornstar, with over 100 movies behind him. He had already tried pharmaceutical medications for ED before to use in his films, but they had stopped working, and he knew that wouldn’t work to help him on set. John needed to find a male enhancement blend that actually worked. So, he made hundreds of attempts for ingredient combinations that would be as effective as the pills he had taken before. And finally, he nailed it!

What’s Inside the PHGH Advanced Vaso Formula For Men

While many male enhancement supplements contain ingredients said to work, all 5 of the natural ingredients of PHGH Advanced Vaso/Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement are clinically proven to work!2

  1. Tribulus terrestris. This is a plant that was used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Today it has been proven to protect heart cells, even in people who have suffered a heart attack.3,4
  2. L-arginine. As an essential amino acid, arginine has the capacity as a vasodilator to boost nitric oxide (NO) production for more circulation of blood, and oxygen.5
  3. Tongkat Ali. Able to promote a strong libido, this herb has been used to boost energy levels, and restore high levels of testosterone production in men. A proven libido booster!6
  4. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). Within this herb is a phytochemical called icariin shown to improve virility.7
  5. Maca. A tool used to reduce ED naturally in men. This root herb boosts NO production, thus acting as a vasodilator. Maca is also known to boost your good mood, and strengthen the lower limbs when added to a daily regimen.8,9

Talk to Your Doctor

Do NOT wait to talk to your doctor about the formula that could change your life. It’s not too late to take control of your health, and regain the sexual life you used to have, and the one you’ve been craving. Trust the combination of ancient remedies used for libido, energy, and virility in the power of PHGH!

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