Is Lectin Shield Right for You?


If you’ve never heard of lectins, the time is now to familiarize yourself with them. Why? Because they’re found in all of the foods you eat – and they can cause severe damage to your body. Thankfully, there’s a product known as Lectin Shield that can help protect you from this damage.  

Should you give it a try? Read the facts about Lectin Shield, and then decide for yourself if it’s right for you!  

What are Lectins? 

You might think that plants are defenseless in nature. But the fact is, many of them have a powerful defense mechanism against predators. This mechanism is a group of proteins known as lectins. Lectins dissuade predators from attacking a plant. 

But while this helps a plant survive in the wild, it doesn’t help humans at all. In fact, lectins can be downright dangerous for us. When we eat plants, such as tomatoes and beans, we ingest the natural lectins that exist inside of them. This, in turn, can lead to big problems. The reason is that lectins attach themselves to cells inside of the human body. When this happens, we’re at a significant risk of developing digestive problems.We may also be susceptible to immune system issues.2 If you’re thinking you’ve heard about this happening before, it’s probably because there are many people that have the same issues due to gluten. Check out the following video, which posits that the root issue of gluten is also linked back to lectins, and you’ll see the importance of having Lectin Shield as a barrier. 

Lectin Shield – The Protection Your Body Needs 

Lectins are present in almost every type of food you can find on your grocery store shelves. They’re especially prevalent in legumes, tomatoes, and grains. But they’re also found in corn, string beans, peanuts, and even dairy products, such as eggs and milk. The reason you’ll find lectins in dairy products is that the chickens and cows that produce them live on diets high in soy and grains. These lectins will ultimately make it into non-plant foods.3 Check out your options regarding lectins and Lectin Shield on Pinterest.

You can try to reduce the number of lectins in your diet, but you can’t avoid them completely.  Dr. Gundry explains in the following podcast how the food we think of as healthy can have hidden dangers, and how Lectin Shield can help you keep eating what you want, if you want. After all, what kind of life would it be if you couldn’t eat the foods that you love? 

Lectin Shield helps solve the problem. It protects you from the damage that lectins can do, while allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods. It contains several ingredients that keep lectins from being able to stick to the cells inside your gastrointestinal tract.

But, What’s in It? 

Here are just some of these powerful ingredients you’ll find in this incredible product: 

  • Okra extract – This extract is extremely beneficial. It blocks many kinds of toxic lectins. But it also helps relieve joint pain, improve the health of skin, and support the beneficial microbes that live in your gut, or gastrointestinal tract.4 
  • Larch Arabinogalactans – This is a natural substance found in the larch tree. It helps to strengthen the lining of the gut, protecting it from the damage that lectins can do.5 
  • Sodium alginate – Sodium alginate eliminates lectins from the digestive system, and it also helps keep the body regular by adding bulk to stools.6 
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – One of the ways in which lectins harm the body is by causing joint pain. MSM absorbs lectins, and, in the process, helps reduce joint discomfort.7 


Other Benefits of Lectin Shield

In addition to the ingredients listed above, Lectin Shield also delivers several other powerful benefits such as: 

  • Helps you control the cravings for unhealthy foods that can lead to substantial weight gain.  
  • Reduces digestive issues, such as bloating and gas.  
  • Helps your body absorb nutrients correctly, providing you more energy in the process. 


So, Is It Right for You? 

Hopefully, you’ve now read enough to consider giving Lectin Shield a try. But if you’re still not convinced, see how this interview with Dr. Gundry explains the importance of Lectin Shield and dangers of lectins. Also, if you’re not satisfied, all you need to do is send the bottle back to the manufacturer within 90 days. You’ll get a no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund.