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Connecticut Roman Catholic Churches

Church of Saint Anthony
199 North Main Street, Ansonia, CT  06401

Also known as St. Anthony of Padua RC Church. It actually was formed by Lithuanian immigrants in that section of town.

Holy Rosary Parish
Father Salemi Drive, Ansonia, CT 06401

Formed by Sicilian/Italian immigrants in a neighborhood that was dominated by people from Sicily. I'm not sure of the relation, but adjoining the property is the St. Sebastian's Club, named after the patron saint of Melilli (Meliddhi), Sicily and used as a place for Melillese immigrants to congregate. Church and neighborhood was destroyed after the flood. Only the church was rebuilt but is still the integral part of the former Italian community with its summer festivals.

St. Joseph Parish
32 Jewett Street, Ansonia, CT 06401

This church and school were formed by the Polish-speaking immigrants of Ansonia.

Church of the Assumption
61 North Cliff Street, Ansonia, CT 06401

This church and school were formed by the Irish immigrants of Ansonia.

Saints Peter & Paul Greek Ukranian Catholic Church
136 Clifton Avenue, Ansonia, CT 06401

This church is not Roman Catholic but Ukranian Catholic/Eastern Byzantine Rite. It was founded by the Ukranian immigrants in the city as well as some Greeks as well, but it is predominantly Ukranian. The school was closed in the early 90s. The closest thing to a website is a listing for one of their associations.

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