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Sicilian Culture: The People

James Gandolfini

People have loved outlaws since the beginning. Plus, they're set up like soldiers,
which is another story people love... like the regime that they have. I
think it's just anyone that goes outside the law and outside of the norm
-- and they do it with a little more flair - -
James Galdonfini

Born in Northern New Jersey, James drove a seltzer truck, was a nightclub manager, and then started acting at the age of 25.  He has been in Get Shorty, True Romance, and now his most memorable role to date, is that of Tony Sopranos on HBO's The Sopranos Series. Gandolfini is a very private person, and in a September Issue of People Magazine he modestly said "I just do a job, like acarpenter does a job.  He doesn't have to do an interview about the job he did".

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