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Bobby Darin
(Walter Robert Cassotto)

May 14, 1936 - - - December 20, 1973

A Bronx-born Italian went from the city streets, rags to riches to rags and back again.  In his 20s, he became a teen idol after many failed attempts at becoming a popular singer.  His first attempt was changing his name.  Like they told so many people with ethnic names (not just Italians), he was told he could never success with a name like Cassotto.  So while in New York City one day, he noticed a Chinese restaurant with the name Mandarin in the name.  He liked it, and took the name of Darin in place of Cassotto.   Bobby was married to Sandra Dee (another teen idol) with which they had one son, but ended in divorce.

 Bobby Darin would never become the Sinatra he imagined, but Sinatra would also never have the variety of talents to the extent Bobby Darin had. In spite of anythin Darin ever said, Sinatra liked him, even joking "Bobby sings at all my proms for me".  Often, Bobby Darin would perform with Sinatra in Vegas along with the rest of the Rat Pack.

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