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Salvatore Phillip Bono
(Sonny Bono)

February 16, 1935 - - - January 6, 1998

Sonny Bono was born in Detroit, Michigan and was the only son of his father, and Sicilian immigrant, and the mother who was an American-born Itailan. was most famous for his marriage and partnership from the 1970s, Sonny & Cher.  They went on to tour, play Las Vegas, and had a Sunday Prime Time television show on CBS-TV.  The marriage dissolved along with the partnership and Sonny later went on to become a US Senator.  He died suddenly in a a skiing accident when he hit a tree.  His ex-wife Cher, with whom they shared a daughter (Chasity) gave the euology at the funeral and it is noted that Cher was of great comfort to his 4th wife and 2 young girls.

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