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1908 Messina - Reggio Earthquake & Earthquake Prone Italy

Thanks to Gregg Patruno at: and  Paul J. Constantine, Jr. of COI (Communes of Italy)

Between 5:20 and 5:30 AM on December 28, 1908, the Monday after Christmas weekend, a major earthquake and tsunami (tidal wave) totally destroyed Messina (pop. 150,000), Reggio Calabria (pop. 50,000), and dozens of nearby towns. With about 100,000 fatalities in total (though estimates vary greatly), this was the deadliest earthquake in European history.......

Italy has the misfortune to sit astride the boundary zone where the African continental plate is thought to be pushing slabs of seafloor underneath Europe at the rate of about one inch per year, or 5-10 feet per century. Because of this unstable geology, Italy has been heartbreakingly prone to natural disasters through the centuries. The slow collision of the continents under Italy is responsible for earthquakes and volcanoes, landslides and floods -- as well as the formation of the Apennines and the Alps.......

The Messina-Reggio Earthquake: 1908

Furthermore, on the map of Italy at the following hyperlink, 950 earthquakes are identified by location. Notice the comparison with surrounding countries.  It's startling!

These are 2422 damaging earthquakes catalogued in the time period 1000-1980, which belongs to 80 seismogenic zones, and to the neighbouring areas.

NT4.1, a parametric catalogue of damaging earthquakes in the Italian area


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