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Little Italy: St. Louis, Missouri

In St. Louis, "The Hill" as its known, is near South Kings Highway and Shaw Boulevard.  The area has often been said to resemble Rome in Italy. There are many great trattorias, food stores and restaurants and offer a lively and colorful slice of Italian life in the Midwest US.  You can see fire hydrants painted in the colors of the Italian flag (green, white, red).  The single most popular dish? It is said its "toasted ravioli".  It is a St. Louis invention, what it is is actually breaded ravioli filled with beef and fried in oil (most likely someone dropped it in the fryer instead of the pot of water and there we have the birth of a Italian-American specialty).  Maria & Son are Sicilian, so if you care to order their frozen products, call 314-481-9009.  

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