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The Neighborhoods: Little Italy

When the Italians migrated, like most ethnic groups, they migrated in numbers, to the Boston, New York, New Jersey and West Coast Ports.  Many Sicilians came to New Orleans. The term "Little Italy" refers to Italian Neighborhoods in the United States.  Sometimes, if the setting is right, some of these neighborhoods make you feel as if you were actually in Italy. Most of these Italian sections started developing in the late 1800's and early 1900's when many poor Italians came to America in hope of finding work, and a better way of life for their families.  The Italians are very proud people, so if you enter one of their neighborhoods, be sure you love the Italians and can take some of their attitudes with a grain of Sicilian Sea Salt.   Some of the Little Italy neighborhoods are smaller than others, naturally, the larger the better.  One of the most famous, the Little Italy of Manhattan's Lower East Side, has now dwindled.  This list of "Little Italys" is not inclusive of all neighborhoods but does include some of the most famoust ones.  If you know of others, please email us.  You will notice the majority of people chose to settle on near the water/costal areas and more specifically the North East Coast of the United States.

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