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Little Italy Neighborhoods: Chicago, Illinois

Taylor Street, in Chicago is one of the areas left that is mostly Italian.  When we think of Chicago, we might think of the early days of Al Capone during prohibition, but more fonder remembrances are of deep dish pizza.  Now home to many restaurants and gourmet grocery stores located southwest of the Ryan & Eisenhower Expressway intersection, and stretches mostly along Taylor and Morgan Streets.  

There is also one more italian neighborhood in chicago. it is called Bridgeport which is located on the south side of chicago near comiskey park just east of the dan ryan expressway. this is a fairly large italian neighborhood with a large population of italian immigrants. most of the people who inhabit this neighborhood are from Ricigliano, Italy; Nicosia, Sicily. there are more italians living in Bridgeport than there are in Taylor Street. the italian language is still widely used in Bridgeport. it is truely a great place to live.

There are also a lot of Calabrese and people from the Sicilian towns of San Biagio Platani and Termini Imerese in the Bridgeport area. There are also a couple of more Italian neighborhoods in Chicago. One is called the Heart of Italy and its located around 24th and Oakley st its mostly northern Italians. Then there is Little Sicily located around Grand and Ogden Avenues, and the is one more on North Harlem Avenue.

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