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Little Italy: Canada

For one of the most closes Italian experiences in North America, visit Toronto, Canada. It also happens to have most number of Italians outside of Italy itself, making it the 3rd largest Little Italy in the world.

Only a few years ago did Chinese replace Italian as the third language of Canada. Toronto has so many Italian neighbourhoods, where many of the older people only speak Italian. Signs are in Italian and english. But probably the most Italian area in North America, is Woodbridge, Ontario. A suburb just north of Toronto which is about 91% Italian out of 160,000 people.

Italians continue to move here from other parts of the city. Most stores here have signs in Italian and english. And most store names are example Roma optical, Venice Cleaners etc. It is a new area most Italians moved here in the last 20 years. Not the history of the old neighbourhoods downtown. But defentely the most Italian. Most tourists just visit the areas in the downtown. But to mix with all Italians see woodbridge first. Big difference with Italian-Canadians and Italian-Americans, is most italian canadians are first or second generation. And can speak italian and english. And consider ourselves

Italian first, Canadian second.  Toronto, Canada, by today's standards may very well be more "Italian" than NYC or Jersey.  Even my those from NYC cannot believe this place.  If you want the Italian experince see Toronto.  

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