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History: Encyclopedia

Arabs: Often associated with the Moors


Moors: From nomadic tribes from the north shores of Africa, originating from Mauretania.  Mostly of Berber and Arab blood, 8th century the Moors converted to Islam and became fanatic Muslims.  They spread southwest into Africa, and northwest to Spain.  The Spanish Inquisition of the 1500s practically eliminated the rule and influence of the Moors.  The artistic and cultural contributions of the Moors is highly under-rated would take volumes of books to fill.  

Normands: French


Spaniards: Very few realize that if not for the Spaniards, there would be no Spaghetti Sauce.  While COlumbus was an Italian from Genoa, he sailed under the Spanish flag since only they would finance his voyage.  He brought back tomatoes from the new world, the rest is pretty much history.

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