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Sicilian Culture

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This Day in History:
Italian Contributions in the Month of February

February 17
 Roman Emporer Flavius Jovianus dies at approximately age 32
1568  Holy Roman Emperor agrees to pay annual tribute to Sultan for peace
1600  Giordano Bruno (advocate of Copernican theory) burned at stake by the Inquisition in Rome
1652  Singer/Composer Gregorio Allegri dies at about age 67
1653  Composer/Violinist Arcangelo Corelli dies
1776  First volume of Gibbon's "Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire" published
1796  Composer Giovanni Pacini born
1859  Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Un Ballo in maschera" premieres at the Apollo Theatre in Rome
1916  Actor Raf Vallone born in Tropea, Italy
1923  Bandleader Buddy (Boniface) DeFranco born
1987  Livin' On a Prayer is a hit song by Bon Jovi


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