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This Day in History:
Italian Contributions in the Month of January 1

January 1
1430 Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services
1431  Spanish/Italian pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) born
1449  Lorenzo de' Medici The Magnificent of Florence, Italy is born
1502  Pope Gregorius XIII (Ugo Buoncampagni) dies
1793  Italian Painter Francesco Guardi dies at 80
1879  Sicilian Actor Paul Porcasi born in Palermo
1883  Italian Writer Federigo Tozzi
1886  Italian Actor William Edmunds
1890  Actress Wanda Capodaglio born in Asti, Italy
1891  Writer Alessandro De Stefani born
1900  Actress Paola Borboni born
1902  Cinematographer Aldo Graziati born in Scorze, Italy
1921  Prize Fighter Rocky Graziano Born as Rocco Barbella
1925  Italian Actress Valentina Cortesa born in Milan, Italy
1932  Conductor Giuseppe Patane born in Naples Italy
1948  Italy adopts constitution
1980  Italian Socialist Pietro Nenni dies at 88

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