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The Godfather Trilogy: Quotes & Terminology

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" - - Michael Coreleone

"Time to go to the mattreses" During mafia wars, it was not safe for members of opposing sides to sleep at home where their enemies can find them.  So they would buy a bunch of used mattresses and put them in an empty warehouse or other hideout.

"Its a Sicilian Message - He sleeps with the fishes" Fish wrapped up in an article of clothing of the person who has been hit, whacked, killed, was then in newspaper and delivered to the capos, signifying that the member was dead, and at the bottom of the sea.

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" Its a better idea to keep a closer eye on your enemies rather than your friends (although a Sicilian never trusts anyone).  By keeping your enemies close, you know their moves, moods and characteristics, and you can even sometimes be undetected as their enemy.

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