The Food: Tuna Fish Sandwich

Can of Italian Tuna
Squeeze of Lemon

It may seem like an easy recipe enough, or something that is not even all that Italian.  But, the fact is that old school Sicilian will not eat meat on Friday even if its not Lent.  Its just another way of observing Christ's suffering throughout the year.  The biggest difference in ingredients you will see here are the onions.  Onions are not a lot, just maybe one ring of a slice, diced, and added to the tuna that has been drained.  Add in the mayonaise, just a tiny bit, a teaspoon is more than enough.  Mix all the ingredients together well, mashing the tuna apart with a fork as you mix it.  Add a squeeze of fresh lmeon juice and mix again.  You can serve this on any type of sandwich bread, pizza bread is my favorite (although I have seen it served on foccacia) but pizza bread is simply round, thick, and has a hole in the middle.  Its the same, or similar to what you would get a sausage and pepper sandwich on.  You can even use plain white American/Wonder bread.


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