The Food:  Peppers & Egg Sandwich

This is terribly ethnic, but good, its almost like an omlette on a pizza bread (pizza bread is round, almost like a frisbee, only thicker, it does NOT mean it has mozzarella, tomato sauces, etc. on it).  Simply take a green bell pepper and one small red cherry pepper (if you do not like your food hot, leave out the red cherry pepper, its hot). Some onions, sliced potatoes (about the size of a quarter), a few eggs and be sure the onions and peppers are sliced thin so they cook faster.    Put some cooking oil in a pan and fry the peppers, potatoes, onions and eggs into the pan and fry it all up!  When you can put a fork into one of the potatoes and telll its soft (not too soft) its all done.  You can serve it on any kind of sandwich bread, but I usually had it on the pizza bread mentioned above.


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