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The Food: 4th of July Celebration

Italians that came to the United States absolutely celebrate Independence day, why do they make a big deal out of this on the same level of some of the other holidays?  The answer is easy: they are happy to be here. You see, the Italians came to the United States looking for a better way of life, often they were not greeted with it, especially during the depression, but the fact is while they missed the old country, they still loved the USA, even if it was just the hope of being better off.  But lets go a little further back, it was the Italian neighbor and friend of Thomas Jefferson that helped write the Declaration of Independence because he had such a way with words.  That's right, even in the earliest days of the United States of America, and its independence, came with the help of the Italians.   Even during the last century, before the USA was a major superpower, more Italians fell in World War II than any other single nationality.  It was only after WWII that the US was known as a major player worldwide.  Of course, we are not forgetting the help of every other American and all the other nationalities in which this was achieved, but Italians have alwasy done whatever it is they do, with a great amount of pride, and that includes the Fourth of July.

You will almost always see the American flag flying right next to the Italian flag in Italian-American homes (or vice verse).  The BBQ?  Well of course there are hot dogs and hamburgers, but you will also find the Italian sausages, peppers, and other items made in the kitchen like stuffed mushrooms, and other antipasti items.  Remember, its the gathering of friends and the pride to be what you are that makes this holiday.  

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