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Flavored Olive Oil for Dipping


20 ounce clear glass bottle with a narrow neck
17 ounces of extra virgin olive oil
Fresh sprig of rosemary
1 Bay leaf
Fresh sprig of oregano (optional)
Fresh clove of garlic, split (optional)
Cracked black pepper to taste (optional)

This recipe could not be simpler.  You could use any or all of the ingredients listed here, just remember, the olive oil will absorb the full flavor of them and will have a very distinct taste.  If you do use the garlic, be sure you like garlic, as it will be strong, almost overpowering the rosemary. YOU MUST use any oil you flavor with garlic within a couple of hours or it can breed botulism

You can either place the rosemary in thru the neck of the bottle, or you can just slightly hit it with the back of a bread-cutting knife or cleaver, this will slightly break or dent the rosemary leaves and bring out more flavor.  Let it sit for a few hours, a day, a week, it will only become stronger the longer it sits.  There is no time period in which you have to use this (preferably within a year anyway). In time, if you use it often enough, and the oil level goes down, just refill it with more olive oil and turn the bottle upside down once to mix it up, and you will notice it keeps its wonderful flavor.  If you find you don't like it, it will make a nice kitchen ornament if you decide you don't like it, but you will!  The photo to the left may not be clear but you can see the rosemary and the corked bottle.  I use it often, so i used a larger bottle, this one being a commerative tequila bottle, naturally, i washed it good.   

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