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The Food: Eggs Puglia

1 Can of Peeled Tomatoes
Cold Water
Brick Oven Bread, Toasted
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper To Taste

This is is more of a brunch dish, if there is any such thing in the Italian culture. And as you know, there is never any wasting of food in the Italian kitchen.  When something starts to look like its going bad, you cook it, or add it into whatever you are making.  Often, if my mother would see eggs about to go bad, she would either hard boil them to use for the braciole or salad or just for breakfast or lunch.  The great thing about cooking Italian is that nothing goes to waste, but remember, if its bad, throw it out, with all the types of food poisoning around, don't take the risk.  

In a pot head some olive oil.  Add the  garlic and hot pepper flakes.  Once the olive oil has gotten the flavor of the hot pepper flakes and garlic, crush the tomatoes into the pot by hand.  Add some water, but not a lot, about a cup and a half.  Add in chopped parsley, salt and pepper.  Bring to a boil for about 5 minutes and get your eggs ready.   Crack the egg and gently let it into the sauce without breaking the yolk.  Continue to do this until all the eggs are gone, try to leave some room around each one so that you can then spoon some of the sauce from around the egg over the top of it so it cooks more evenly.  DO NOT overcook the eggs, you want them to be a little runny so you can dip the bread into the yolks.  Use approximately 3 minutes as a general guide as to how long you should poach the eggs.  

Serve in a shallow soup dish and fresh Italian baugette bread.  

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