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The Food: Cheese

Mozzarella is an Italian cheese, white, melts well, stringy, most commonly used on pizzas and in lasagna. Its name means "Cheese of the Gods".  The less water fresh mozzarella has, the sweeter it is.  Ricotta cheese comes form the whey of the mozzarella.  By Italian law, mozzarella must be made from the buffalo, if not, it is called fromaggia di vaca latte (cheese from cow's milk).

  • Bocconcini - Miniature mozzarella balls, about half the diameter of golf balls or large gumballs

  • Buffalo Milk Mozzarella - Buffalos were introduced to the Campania region of Italy in the 1700s from the US, and makes for delicious mozzarella!

  • Dry Mozzarella

  • Dry Salted

  • Fresh Mozzarella

  • Skim

  • Smoked (Scamorza)

  • Montasio - sheep's milk, semi soft

Other Italian Cheeses

  • Asiago - A cross between cheddar and provolone almost, it is a semi-soft cheese and can be grated for serving over pasta

  • Fontina - Italian Fontina cheese actually has an orangish blend running through it. 

  • Gargonzola - Italian Blue Cheese, much more pungent, named for the town it comes from by Milan in Northern Italy. 

  • Marscapone - Italian Cream Cheese

  • Provolone - Made from cow's milk, there is mild and sharp, white, the best is aged

  • Ricotta - Italian cheese with a consistancy similar to cottage cheese, most commonly used in manicotti and lasagna

  • Sardo -

  • Tuma - Similar to brie

Grated Cheeses

  • Parmaseano Reggiano - most commonl seen in a big 80-pound round wheel you need to cut with a wire.

  • Pecorino Romano 100% sheeps milk cheese, saltier than parmagiano, and has whole peppercorns in it, which is how it gets its name pecorino.

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