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Sicilian Culture: Tarantella Dance

The Tarantella Dance music is probably the most recognized song of all the Italian folklore music.  It literally means "tarantula" because the dance is done buy everyone in a great big circle going clockwise, until the music in the set changes, becomes faster, then they quickly change the direction to counterclockwise, this continues several times and is fun to see who keeps up.  You can see this dance at authentic Italian weddings, is often the theme song of many restaurants and pizzerias, can even be heard in The Godfather movie and the CBS sitcom "That's Life".

Generally played with a strong mandolin (Italian guitar) presence, each region has its own version.  For example the most popular version you will undoubtedly hear most frequently is the Napoletana verson (that from the region of Naples).  The Sicilian tarantella (Conco d' Ora) is quite different, but has a similar melody.  Take a listen for yourself...

Napoletana Tarantella (MP3)
Calabrese Tarantella (MP3)
Sicilian Tarantella (MP3)

Please note: This music is here ONLY so you can listen to the difference of each version, they are not for reproduction, nor distribution, only a one-time listening for personal use.  Thank you for respecting the artists' rights.

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