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Sicilian Culture: Saint Name Day

Name Day, or Onomastico is based on the Feast Days for Saints.  Traditionally, Italian chose the names of their children based on the name of a grandparent, choosing names from the father's side of the family first and then from the mother's side. Sometimes, children are named for Saints, typically for the Saint on whose Feast Day they were born, but sometimes for a Saint for whom the parents feel a special connection.

Name Day is a reason to celebrate and often is as important as a birthday for many Italians. The celebration can include cake, sparkling white wine known as Asti Spumante, and small gifts. Virtual Italy loves a celebration and that's why we've made finding your Name Day easy. Just enter your Name and Birthday below and you will find the Name Day celebrated on your birthday or the date your name is celebrated. You will also find the origin and meaning of the name celebrated on your Name Day. Remember, not all names will have a Name Day, but all birthdays will.

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