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Folklore, Legends & Traditions

Folklore & Legends
Friday the 13th - Origin of the Superstition
Common Sicilian Superstitions - If you came in through the front door, don't go out the back door, and more!
The Trinacria Symbol - Better known as what everyone refers to as "three legged lady thing"
The Tarantella Dance - Wedding dance music of the spider
Celebration of Name Day - Saint Name Days and how Italians get their names
The Streghe - Pagan Sicilian Rituals

Holiday Traditions
New Year's Traditions - New Year's Celebrations and food traditions
Ash Wednesday -
St. Valentine's Day - Orgins and traditions of the holiday for lovers 
Engagement & Wedding Traditions - Saint Name Days and how Italians get their names
Christmas Traditions - Christmas Celebrations and food traditions

Required Reading for Italian-Americans...

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