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The Events: NY Museum Pays Homage to Italian Actress Anna Magnani

The Film department of New York's Museum of Modern Art will present an important retrospective, honoring Italian film-and stage actress Anna Magnani (1903-1973). From January 17 to 31, the museum will present 14 films featuring the popular actress who acted in many of Italy's postwar Neorealistic films. The program was curated by the Department of Cinema of Rome's Cinecitta' Museum. The restrospective will start with "Bellisssima," Luchino Visconti's 1951 critical portrait of commercial filmmaking, followed by Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Mamma Roma," from 1962. The program will conclude with Ms. Magnani's debut film from 1934, "La Cieca di Sorrento" (The Blind Woman From Sorrento).


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