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The Sicilian Dialect & Language

The Sicilian Dialect is actually comprised of words from the Arabic, Greek and Italian languages.  Sicily itself, due to its Mediterranean location was also a melting pot of those different cultures and languages.  The most distinct difference of the Sicilian dialect from the Italian dialect is the fact that the Sicilians "sing" their words more and the words are more colorful.

Italian Ranks as One of the World's Most Popular Languages
According to research conducted by "Italiano 2000," more and more students around the world are studying the Italian language. Tullio De Mauro, director of the organization, presented the study's findings at Farnese Palace. Almost 1% of the world's population currently speaks Italian, a position that ranks 19th among the world's languages.

Even more impressive is the fact that Italian is the fourth most popular language among students. Of the students surveyed for the study, 84.3% said they are studying Italian so that they can find employment with an Italian company, while 62.7% said they are learning it for "affairs of the heart."

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