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The Cinema: Hollywood Portrayals, Stereotypes & TV Shows

People have loved outlaws since the beginning. Plus, they're set up like soldiers,
which is another story people love... like the regime that they have.
I think it's just anyone that goes outside the law and outside of the norm --
and they do it with a little more flair
- -
James Galdonfini

In spite of the common stereotypes of mafia and other less desireable characters, fictional or real, the Italians and the Sicilians have contributed more to this planet than any other ethic group.  Portrayals of Italians is always very colorful, and makes for great entertainment.  Most movies are exaggerations of what real Italians are and act like.  While it upsets some, most of us Italians know its just fiction (even if some reality is woven in) and we enjoy it for what it is...

It is also important to note that more Italians fought and died during World War II than any other nationality.  The United States was discovered by an Italian (Christoforo Colombo) and named for another (Ameriga).  So the next time someone reminds you of the American Mafia and Sicilian Cosa Nostra, remind them of not just those above, but the others of more recent times that have made the United States of America and the rest of the world what it is today. 

Italian, Sicilian & American Cinema Based on Italian Culture
TV & Cable Television
Sicilian & Italian Actors
The Godfather
The Sopranos
Do Mafia Movies & TV Shows such as the Sopranos affect the image of Italian-Americans?

Italian Made/Produced Movies
La Dolce Vita
Cinema Paradiso
La Strada
Night of Caribia

American Made Movies About Italians and/or Sicilians
Amati Girls
Al Capone
Brian's Song
A Bronx Tale
Excellent Cadavers
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
Fellini's Roma
The Godfather Part I, II, III
Lords of Flatbush
Married to the Mob
Prizzi's Honor
Roman Holiday
Rome Adventure
Romeo & Juliet
Saturday Night Fever
True Friends
The Untouchables
The Valachi Papers

Great Film Directors
Francis Ford Coppola
Michelangelo Antonioni
Sergio Leone

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