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Category: Home Improvement

Choosing the Best Fence Repair Company in Baton Rouge 

10 months ago

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Fence Repair Baton Rouge

  According to data from the FBI, house break-in happens once every 18 seconds in the US. That is a whopping 5,800 cases of burglary every day. These figures show that burglary is indeed on the rise, underscoring the need to take necessary precautions. Do not be another statistic; invest in a good fence. Fences are…

Benefits of Installing Privacy Fences 

10 months ago

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types of privacy fences

Privacy fences offer your home added security, privacy, and reduced noise. This type of fence is a great choice for individuals who live in densely populated areas as well as close to busy roads. They will not only ensure that your property is safe but also prevent your pets from wandering from your homestead.   Wood…

Types of Window Treatments 

11 months ago

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Window Treatments

There are three categories of window treatments. You can choose either hard window treatments, which are made out of hard materials such as vinyl, blinds, shades, and shutters, or soft window treatments made of materials such as sheers, drapes, curtains, valances and room shades. The latter are soft in nature. The third category is a…

What You Need to Know About Wood Fence Repair  

1 year ago

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What You Need to Know About Wood Fence Repair   The durability of a wood fence depends on how you as the owner maintains it. Even so, wood fence repair is unavoidable especially when climate, termites, or mold have their way with it. Causes of Wood Fence Damage and the Repairs Needed  Shifting Ground (Under…