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The Bar: Molinari Sambuca

Molinari was develolped in 1945 by the Molinari Family in Civitavecchia, Italy.  Molinari Sambuca Extra is an imported Italian liqueur with a unique flavor derived from the precious anise seed.  Molinari has a delicate smooth tasted and aroma that is enjoyable by itself or with coffee. 42% Alcohol (840 Proof).

Recipes from Molinari

Molinari Classico: Served straight up with 3 coffee beans
Molinari Cafe: 1 ounce of Molinari to coffee, espresso or cappuccino and/or topped with whipped cream
Molinari Freddo: 1 ounce of Molinari over ice
Molinari Sprtizer: 1.5 ounces of Molinari with 5 ounces of club soada.  Shake well and serve over ice.

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