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The Bar: Glassware

Standard 'On The Rocks' or Old Fashioned These are your short, but wide glasses that are 6-12 ounces and are good for Whiskey Sours, Black Russians, and other classic drinks.

Highball Glasses These are 12-ounce glasses that are are taller and thinner, perfect in the Summer for rum & cokes, Tom Collins

Beer Glasses can be frosted mugs (washed, placed in freezer until ready to serve) or pint glasses.  

Martini Glass a classic for vodka an gin drinks

Shot Glasses good for measuring, but also for those who want to do a 'shooter' of straight liquer or liquors

Wine Glass basic glass for white and red wine, wine spritzers and sangria

Champagen Flute

Brandy Snifter are good for straight brandy, cognac, Grand Marnier, port wine and irish cream liquers

Cordial Glasses almost like shot glasses, they may be slightly larger or more narrow and are good for amaretto, sambuca, and other such after dinner liquers

Coffee Mugs are very good for hot rum toddys and other hot drinks for the winter time, not to mention irish coffee and hot hard cider

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