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The Italian of the Year Award

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE FILL OUT ALL FIELDS so we can serve you better.
We NEVER, under ANY circumstances sell/trade/share lists with anyone,
your information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL -- we value your privacy.

1)  You can only vote once. All other duplicates will be deleted and your first choice will be considered. Please take this vote seriously.
2)  The person you choose must be of Italian, Sicilian or Sardinian descent.  Non-Italians will not be considered.  The candidates can be Italian-American, Sicilian-American, full-blooded Italian, Sicilian, or half/quarter Italian and/or other descent such as German, Irish, Dutch, African, or whatever combination, but you cannot choose someone like George W. Bush or Michael Jordan no Derek Jeter since they have no Italian descent whatsoever.
3)  The person you choose should be in the spirit of our past recipients of this award.  Please choose a person whom we can verify and consider their biography.  While there are many worthwhile people for this award, we most likely will not be able to verify the biography of a relative of yours such as a cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent or local politician. The awarded must have had some profound impact on the lives of many and should be a public servant of some sort, actors and sports figures may or may not qualify.  This candidate should be a historical figure, present, not past.  We chose to award Columbus to initiate this award, but it is not likely we will chose a someone who has died in future awards.
4)  We reserve the right to exclude any candidate for any reason, and that reason need not neccessarily be disclosed.
5)  While all votes will be considered, the editors of this website ultimately have the final decision of who we will chose.

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