Types of Window Treatments 

There are three categories of window treatments. You can choose either hard window treatments, which are made out of hard materials such as vinyl, blinds, shades, and shutters, or soft window treatments made of materials such as sheers, drapes, curtains, valances and room shades. The latter are soft in nature. The third category is a combination of the two types called layered window treatments. Common window treatments include the following:  


Hard Window Treatment  


These treatments include window shutters, fixed slats, and louvered windows. They are mainly made out of plastic and wood. You can use them to increase privacy, and controlling the amount of light and air entering your home.


hard window treatments

Woven Wood Shades  


Also called bamboo shades, woven wood shades can give your home a natural and exotic look.  You can use them to add texture and sophistication to your home.   


Cellular Shades  


Cellular shades maximize energy efficiency. You can choose to install either a single cell, double cell or even triple cell blinds. They are made out of sturdy cloth-like paper. They are able to conserve the temperature in your home, saving you money on your energy bill.   


Pleated Blinds  


These blinds are made out of pleated material which pulls up to hide flat at the top when the window is open. You can use both cellular and pleated blinds to achieve a top-bottom up blind.  


Venetian Blinds  


Venetian blinds are made out of plastic or metal. They are suspended by cords in such a manner that the slats can be easily rotated to face different sides.  


Vertical Blinds  


Of all the options, these blinds are the least likely to collect dust, unlike their horizontal counterparts. They are drawn to the side instead of lifted and lowered. You can use them on doors and windows that slide from side to side.   


Shoji Panels  


These panels are often used in traditional Japanese decor. You can use them as room dividers, window and door coverings, and countless other areas. The screen is made out of wood, bamboo, and rice paper.  


Panel Tracks  


Also referred to as sliding window panels, this option offers simple, versatile, and stylish solutions for sliding doors or picture windows.   


Roman Shades  


Roman shades are made from fabric that hangs flat when you close them. These window treatments can also fold horizontally into pleats when you raise them. Roman shades will give you more privacy, insulating benefits, and light control features. Some of the materials used to make them include fabric, wood, and bamboo.   


Roller Shades  


Also referred to as roll-up shades, roller shades are easy to use and can add color to your windows. Use of modern materials gives them style and simple functionality.  




Also known as curtains, drapery can be used to create elegant and casual or sophistication in your home. You can draw them across a rod or leave them stationary on both sides of the window. Creative use of the drapery can make your home stand out.



Sheer Curtains (Net Curtains)  


These curtains are made out of translucent materials. They come in many different colors. Some people refer to them as privacy curtains. The sheer curtains are very effective at preventing people outside from seeing you. You can choose from whatever design suits the need of your home.  


Café Curtains  


These curtains hang from a ring or they slide along a rod. This window treatment can cover the lower portion of windows or the entire window. They are ideal if you want to allow a lot of light into your room. Some designs allow the lower part of your room, such as the level of your dining table, stay private but allows light from the top section of the window into the room.  


Austrian Shades  


Austrian shades are crafted from fabric gathered into scallops. It can be pulled up into tight scallops when you raise them. The shades have a touch of luxury, so they are great if you want to bring some richness into your room. You can find them made out of different materials, including sheer fabric.