Non-Stick Cookware and it’s health consequences…

The other day, I came across a pan called The Radical Pan . This pan had so many features for something that at first just looked like a normal pan. I went to the website where the pan is sold ( and I educated myself as to the current trends in non-stick cookware. It seems like this pan is one of the healthiest pans out there… I researched pretty much everything there is to know about non-stick pans over the last month, and I had no idea that before this pan, most non-stick pans used teflon and PFOA chemicals. But The Radical Pan does not utilize these chemicals and they were approved by two well recognized labs for safety. So, in a nutshell, you now have the opportunity to safely use non-stick technology without risking your health.

How Exogenous Ketone Supplements Can Optimize Your Keto Lifestyle

Exogenous ketones are the most promising solution for losing weight and supplementing a ketogenic diet. These products contain ketones that are produced naturally in the body, and because it is a naturally derived product it boasts few and very mild side effects.   

Ketosis State  

If you are looking for a boost to your diet and exercise regime, a product like FitClub Keto Platinum could be the extra push you need to start down the path of a ketogenic lifestyle. This ketone supplement accelerates reaching a state of ketosis and then enhances your body’s FitClub Keto Platinum Reviewcapacity to maintain that state. This optimizes the benefits of your keto diet, in addition to improving cognitive health, overall well-being, and promoting longevity.  

In this post, we will look deeper into how FitClub Keto has been able to help so many people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

What Is BHB?  

When you research keto supplements and dieting, you’ll likely come across the term BHB. It stands for beta-hydroxybutyrate, the main ketone present in exogenous keystone supplements. There are many products that market themselves as BHB supplements, this is simply another term for exogenous ketone supplements.  

Without carbohydrate, our bodies naturally produce BHB from fat which yields energy production. When purchasing any exogenous ketone supplements, you want to ensure that they contain BHB so your body can make the best use of it in combination with your keto diet.  

Quality supplements should possess three primary characteristics: the presence of BHB salts, all-natural flavors, and the absence of carbohydrates. Luckily Fitclub Keto Platinum has all of these. You want to be sure that the products don’t contain any low-grade ingredients that can negatively affect your health.  

Ketone Oils, Salts, and Esters  

As previously discussed, BHB is the most common active ingredient in ketone supplements. They are available in three different forms: ester, salt, and oil.  

Ketone Oils   

Medium Chain-Triglycerides (or MCTs) like coconut oil are useful ways to boost ketone levels indirectly. Cells within our body break the MCTs down, using them as fuel to produce ketones. While this is a perfectly fine way to supplement the keto diet, this method is indirect and the ketone compounds aren’t immediately available like in the cases of salts and esters.  

Ketone Salts    

These are naturally-derived compounds that contain BHB combined with potassium, sodium, or calcium to improve absorption. Ketone salts currently dominate the keto supplement market, and are often labeled as “Ketone Mineral-Salts” and “BHB Mineral Salts.”  

Ketone Esters   

These synthetically-produced compounds connect ketone bodies to alcohol to undergo metabolization in the liver, where they are transformed into a ketone. Today, most esters are only used for the purpose of research in increasing ketone blood levels. They are said to have a very unpleasant taste.   

Although esters are not nearly as common in the market as salts or oils, research from a 4-week study on rats indicates they are more effective in reducing weight gain. However, in the end, a combination of MCT oils and BHB salts had matched the results of esters alone.  

It is important to be aware that raspberry ketones are unrelated to BHB and exogenous ketone supplements. Despite being a popular diet supplement, evidence suggests raspberry ketones are not effective for weight loss.  

So, Which Ketone Supplement Should I Choose?  

Despite their mild side effects, including an unpleasant taste and diarrhea, salts are the best and most popular option for supplementing exogenous ketones. You can find out for yourself why keto salts are so popular by reading these FitClub Keto Platinum reviews written by real customers. For many, ketone salts are a quick and painless method to supplementing their keto diet. They can get be easily found in the form of pills, powders, and drinks.  

Esters may be the quickest and most effective ketone supplement, but they are unpopular due to the foul taste as well the side effects which include severe diarrhea, bloating, and gas.  

Oils are also a wonderful option; however, they work best when combined with salts for an optimized ketone boost.  

Benefits of Exogenous Ketone Supplements  

When you follow a keto diet your body naturally produces three types of ketones during ketosis: acetone, acetoacetate, and BHB. At a time when the body is not in a state of ketosis, it derives huge benefits from supplementing additional ketones.  

There may be times when your body won’t be able to maintain a steady state of ketosis. By consuming ketone supplements, you can quickly get your body back into ketosis without too much delay. You can ingest them prior to workouts or between meals.  

In addition to improving your cognitive health, the above supplements also help you by:  

  • Boosting mental focus


  • Promoting rapid weight loss


  • Reducing hunger


  • Regulating blood glucose levels


  • Preventing disease


  • Decreasing inflammation.


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Choosing the Best Fence Repair Company in Baton Rouge 


According to data from the FBI, house break-in happens once every 18 seconds in the US. That is a whopping 5,800 cases of burglary every day. These figures show that burglary is indeed on the rise, underscoring the need to take necessary precautions. Do not be another statistic; invest in a good fence. Fences are a good step towards curtailing intruders and protecting the privacy of your home. 

Beyond reinforcing the security of your home, fences can also help to enhance the outdoor beauty of your home. Sadly fences are not a once in a lifetime investment; they are prone to damages. When that happens, you will need to find the best fence repair company to restore your fence. 

Choosing the best fence repair company is integral to the security and safety of your home, just as the fence itself is. As it stands, the Baton Rouge area is flooded with fence repair companies. Consumers are confused for choice. The lingering question is: 


How do I choose the best? 


The basic factors to consider when hiring a fence repair company include costs, experience, professionalism, and quality of service. However, making the decision based on these variables alone will be a big mistake. 

An equally important factor (that sometimes overarches all others) is your fence type. Even a professional contractor can end up costing you much less than a handy man in some cases, depending on the type of fencing. Let us dive into to explore the different types of fencing available in the market.  


Chain Link Fence   


These are by far the most common types of fences. Many fence contractors are experienced with chain link fences. Their proliferation in Baton Rouge is largely due to their affordability and ease of installation. Chain link fence might be easy to install, but repair is a big challenge that many contractors try to avoid. Chain link fence repairs in Baton Rouge will just advise you to buy a new fence. 

That is when we step in to save you from undeserved stress expenses. Our specialists will make fastidious assessments and make the right recommendations for renovating your fence. For Chain Link fences, A-American Fence Company in Baton Rouge is the most trusted fence repairer in Baton Rouge.  


Wrought Iron Fence   


They are durable, stately and strong. Wrought iron is the most elite of fencing materials in the market. Wrought iron fences are usually long-lasting. Still, they are susceptible to damages including rust and corrosion, breakages and effects of bad weather. It is an open secret; wrought iron fences cost a fortune to install. Do not lose on your investment. Find the best-wrought iron fence repairers in Baton Rouge to restore and maintain your fence. Handling wrought iron fences require skill and years of experience. At A-American Fence Company, our portfolio speaks for us. We have made many wrought iron fence clients happy with our team of industrious and innovative technicians. 


 Vinyl Fence 


This is PVC plastic based fencing. Vinyl fences come in various colors and sizes that can accentuate the beauty of your home. Pundits say that vinyl fences are 5 times stronger and durable as compared to wood. As an icing on the cake, they are flexible and easy to clean and re-paint. Better still, vinyl fences are affordable to install, and repair and maintenance are similarly easy. 

Damage to vinyl fences largely stems from weather conditions (rain, snow, strong winds), and breakages from falling trees. When this happens, A-American Fence Company should be on your speed dial. We will do a quality restoration at an affordable price.  


Wood fence  


Many homes in Baton Rouge go for wood fencing. Wood fences can last for a long time depending on the wood used and the type of installation done. Despite their sturdy nature, wooden fences like any other are prone to damages and breakages over time. 

Restoring wooden fences needs meticulous assessment of the damage. The crux of the matter is being able to access the damaged area after assessment and then finding the best materials and support systems to do the repair. That is why you need the services of an expert such as the A-American Fence Company. We have the best quality wood fence repair materials and restore warped or damaged wood fence to its former sturdiness and beauty.   


Our promise to you 


At A-American Fence Company, the quality of our service starts right from the moment you make your first call. You will receive a friendly and satisfactory customer service. We will empower you with critical information you need to know about fencing. When it is time to get down to business, our repair team constantly deliver quality work fast and efficient.   

We understand how vital a fence is to your home, and how a damaged fence could be a big inconvenience. For that reason, we pride ourselves on offering prompt services at affordable rates. Our repairs will help your fences last for a long time. Good fences make good neighborhoods.  


Back Pain Management: How A Chiropractor Can Help

Trustworthy data shows that nearly 23 million Americans seek chiropractic therapy annually. A significant percentage of these, 35%, are seeking relief from chronic back-pain due to muscle strain accidents and sports injuries. The rest are people seeking treatment for migraines, pain in the neck, arms and legs. This wealth of data points to a growing realization that chiropractic therapy is a useful non-invasive and non-medical intervention against back pain.  


What Does Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Involve?  




Chiropractic treatment is as comprehensive and effective as any medical treatment. It starts with a consultation where a professional will first assess your medical history. The chiropractor will carry out a physical examination for you to ascertain the extent of the back pain problem. In some cases, the practitioners also use lab tests and x rays to find out if you have any condition that might disqualify you from physical therapy.  

 Back-Pain Management

In the examination, the chiropractor may come up with one of the below diagnoses to guide the treatment:  


Severe health conditions – These include open wounds, burns, infection of the nervous system, hemorrhage, hemophilia, artificial implant problems, and joint diseases. In all these cases the chiropractic professionals will refer you to a medical doctor.   


Nerve problems – This is a case where the lower back is compressed causing sciatica. It is brought about by a herniated or spinal stenosis. In this case, the chiropractor will work to coordinate patient care with a medical doctor.  


Mechanical back pain – This is pain that occurs in the lumbar spine. It is a form of pain that hits out of the blue, and usually, no pill can be effective against it. Mechanical back pain is a chiropractor’s area of specialization, so they will readily start you on a treatment plan.  


The Treatment Plan  


All chiropractic procedures depend on the diagnosis of your back pain. A knowledgeable and well-practiced chiropractor will do a correct assessment of your health history, your current medications, any surgeries you may have undergone, and your current lifestyle.  


For lower back pain, chiropractic therapy targets the prevention of chronic pain. The care provider will employ tactics such as ergonomic modifications, stretching exercises, and massages to alleviate pain.  


Treatment mainly includes manual adjustment(s) where the chiropractor manipulates the vertebrae on the affected area by applying pressure and a rapid thrust. In many cases, patients will have an audible release of gas which relieves joint pain.   


On musculoskeletal tissues, the pressure applied on the affected areas serves to increase flexibility thereby boosting blood circulation. That helps to reduce inflammation and then the result is relief from lower back pain.  


The best chiropractor will include nutritional advice and a healthy exercise routine in the treatment plan. Chiropractic therapy is primarily a field of health care that targets to restore function, reduce pain and prevent injury to back pain.  


Beyond Spinal Manipulation  


For lower and upper back pain, chiropractors can appropriate a variety of therapeutic procedures beyond spinal manipulation, these include but are not limited to:  


Heat and cold – This type of therapy uses a heating pad and an ice bag to alleviate back pain. The practitioner will numb your back with the ice bag for about 10 minutes and switch to a heating pad or a hot water bottle to restore blood circulation in the affected area.  


Exercise – The health practitioner furnishes you with an exercise program targeting to strengthen and stretch your back. These may involve back flexing resources like posterior pelvic tilts, skipping rope and bending forward while seated.  


Massages – Deep tissue massage can be used to enhance blood circulation and reduce inflammation. The result is rapid non-medical healing for lower back pain.  


Diet plan – The best chiropractors will curate a meal plan for you- targeting to alleviate your upper back pain or lower back pain through nutritional supplements and healthy meals.  


What Are the Upsides of Chiropractic Care?  


Spinal manipulation has beyond a reasonable doubt proved effective and safe against lower back pain, and in some cases even upper back pain.  It is frequently recommended due to the fact that it’s non-medical – giving leverage over addictive pain meds. Pain meds are not just addictive; they can also exhaust the liver and cause long-term damage.   


Cases of acute back pain from work or play have been healed within just six weeks of chiropractic intervention. Beyond saving you from the back pain, chiropractic therapy can also relieve headaches and neck pain. Deep tissue massage has also been proven useful in the cases of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.  


Risk factors  


Although uncommon, there have been cases of worsened pain due to a herniated disc or spinal cord damage. For that reason, it’s always wise to have a doctor verify if chiropractic intervention could improve your condition.  


Spinal manipulation is not advisable in conditions such as spinal cord compression, osteoporosis, and inflammatory arthritis. Patients who are using blood thinners should approach chiropractic treatment with caution, and first, verify it with their doctor. Those with a history of cancer will also need clearance from a medical doctor before starting spinal manipulation.  


Evidence shows chiropractic treatment techniques to be an effective cure for lower back pain, upper back pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. It is a great way to treat and prevent disease. 

Benefits of Installing Privacy Fences 

Privacy fences offer your home added security, privacy, and reduced noise. This type of fence is a great choice for individuals who live in densely populated areas as well as close to busy roads. They will not only ensure that your property is safe but also prevent your pets from wandering from your homestead.  

Wood privacy fences will also block away unsightly elements such as dumpsters and garbage cans. Even in a cramped space, these fences will make a huge difference to your home’s appearance. They are not only a great addition to your home but also to any business organization. Besides ensuring your safety and privacy, these fences are durable and easy to install.  

There are so many types of privacy fences available, and the variety of stylish designs to give your home a unique look is only limited by your vision. Leaving them untreated (particularly the wooden models) adds a natural and rustic look that blends naturally with the environment. Additionally, they are available in various heights, designs and can be painted for a customized look.  


What are the best privacy fence designs? 


Whether you are stretching out on your lawn reading a book, taking a swim in the swimming pool, or relaxing on a hammock, you need some privacy. The best privacy fences are designed to give you a sense of privacy by protecting you from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Nothing is more pleasing than knowing that you are living your daily life without anyone watching you.  


Wood Privacy Fencing 

types of privacy fences

A wood privacy fence is probably the most common type of privacy fencing available. Let us look at the various styles available.  

  • Solid or Stockade Fence 

This type of fence is made using boards that are tightly placed against each other, offering you a solid panel. This keeps your home completely cut off from the eyes of nosey passersby.  

  • Board on board

This is another type of wood fence that is designed with overlapping vertical slats over each board fixed to the fence rails on the opposite side. This design leaves a small space in the fence that lets you get a slight view when standing at an angle.  

  • Board and Batten

This fence has a similar construction to the solid board fence but it comes with narrow bars or battens on the joints. This gives it a more stylish look.  

  • DIY privacy fences 

The main advantage of the DIY privacy fence in which you can make a custom design that offers you additional privacy or height. You can also choose a decorative latticework if you want a better visual appeal.  



Vinyl Privacy Fence 

For those looking for extra privacy, less maintenance, and superior durability you should consider getting a vinyl privacy fence. These fences come with various options allowing you to get exactly what you need. They come with a board on a panel or solid board style, allowing you to choose the model that offers you the privacy you need. Another great feature about this fence is that it is possible to add a decorative latticework to customize it. As if that wasn’t enough; there are also models that come with an insect repellent treatment. This makes it a great choice for individuals who love to spend time outdoors but are having trouble with insects on their patio.  



Metal Fences

types of privacy fences

There are many options available for metal privacy fences. Most of metal privacy fences are constructed from aluminum or steel panels. Maintenance for metal fences is a breeze because the metals are treated to prevent corrosion and rust. Some additional benefits are the material’s durability and longevity, making it a perfect solution for climates that experience severe weather. A few drawbacks are the initial price of the fence, but you will end up spending less on maintenance and care in the long run, and that repairs can require more skill than with a typical wooden fence. An alternative choice is to use a combination of both metal and wood.



Getting Started on Your DIY Private Fence Project 

While there are many options when it comes to privacy fences, you are not limited to the obvious. You can also bring your creativity into play and customize your fence. By adding some personal touches, you can enclose your property and create whatever version of paradise you can imagine. This will bring you more privacy, stability, security, and appeal. Luckily, you don’t have to do any hard work. There are many dedicated companies that will help you customize your fence to meet your needs.  



While the basic role of a privacy fence is to offer you with absolute functionality, you shouldn’t compromise the look of your home. As a rule of the thumb, a solid and attractive privacy fence will not only give your home a beautiful look but will also help in adding value to your home. For this reason, if you are thinking of installing a privacy fence, you should take your time and consider the material, style, and design that blend well with your surroundings. Again, with so many options, you can be sure to get a model that will meet your needs while still remaining at your set budget range.

Types of Window Treatments 

There are three categories of window treatments. You can choose either hard window treatments, which are made out of hard materials such as vinyl, blinds, shades, and shutters, or soft window treatments made of materials such as sheers, drapes, curtains, valances and room shades. The latter are soft in nature. The third category is a combination of the two types called layered window treatments. Common window treatments include the following:  


Hard Window Treatment  


These treatments include window shutters, fixed slats, and louvered windows. They are mainly made out of plastic and wood. You can use them to increase privacy, and controlling the amount of light and air entering your home.


hard window treatments

Woven Wood Shades  


Also called bamboo shades, woven wood shades can give your home a natural and exotic look.  You can use them to add texture and sophistication to your home.   


Cellular Shades  


Cellular shades maximize energy efficiency. You can choose to install either a single cell, double cell or even triple cell blinds. They are made out of sturdy cloth-like paper. They are able to conserve the temperature in your home, saving you money on your energy bill.   


Pleated Blinds  


These blinds are made out of pleated material which pulls up to hide flat at the top when the window is open. You can use both cellular and pleated blinds to achieve a top-bottom up blind.  


Venetian Blinds  


Venetian blinds are made out of plastic or metal. They are suspended by cords in such a manner that the slats can be easily rotated to face different sides.  


Vertical Blinds  


Of all the options, these blinds are the least likely to collect dust, unlike their horizontal counterparts. They are drawn to the side instead of lifted and lowered. You can use them on doors and windows that slide from side to side.   


Shoji Panels  


These panels are often used in traditional Japanese decor. You can use them as room dividers, window and door coverings, and countless other areas. The screen is made out of wood, bamboo, and rice paper.  


Panel Tracks  


Also referred to as sliding window panels, this option offers simple, versatile, and stylish solutions for sliding doors or picture windows.   


Roman Shades  


Roman shades are made from fabric that hangs flat when you close them. These window treatments can also fold horizontally into pleats when you raise them. Roman shades will give you more privacy, insulating benefits, and light control features. Some of the materials used to make them include fabric, wood, and bamboo.   


Roller Shades  


Also referred to as roll-up shades, roller shades are easy to use and can add color to your windows. Use of modern materials gives them style and simple functionality.  




Also known as curtains, drapery can be used to create elegant and casual or sophistication in your home. You can draw them across a rod or leave them stationary on both sides of the window. Creative use of the drapery can make your home stand out.



Sheer Curtains (Net Curtains)  


These curtains are made out of translucent materials. They come in many different colors. Some people refer to them as privacy curtains. The sheer curtains are very effective at preventing people outside from seeing you. You can choose from whatever design suits the need of your home.  


Café Curtains  


These curtains hang from a ring or they slide along a rod. This window treatment can cover the lower portion of windows or the entire window. They are ideal if you want to allow a lot of light into your room. Some designs allow the lower part of your room, such as the level of your dining table, stay private but allows light from the top section of the window into the room.  


Austrian Shades  


Austrian shades are crafted from fabric gathered into scallops. It can be pulled up into tight scallops when you raise them. The shades have a touch of luxury, so they are great if you want to bring some richness into your room. You can find them made out of different materials, including sheer fabric.

How to Cope with the Side Effects of Phentermine

How to Cope with the Side Effects of Phentermine  


Most drugs on the market come with side effects. This isn’t any different for Phentermine. This weight loss product has been proven to help individuals attain a healthy body weight. Nonetheless, our bodies often react differently to the products we ingest on a case by case basis. Your side effects might not be the same as someone else’s. Whatever your experience, it is always helpful to know what you can do to ease the discomfort of unwanted side effects. Below are some home remedies for Phentermine side effects.  



Feeling drowsy is one of the side effects of using Phentermine. Drowsiness can affect your personal and professional life, since it lowers your productivity. Drowsiness is usually a symptom of dehydration. The easiest way to control drowsiness is to hydrate by drinking enough water. Consider eating succulent fruits such as watermelon and hydrating meals. Reduce the number of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages you consume in a day, as theses can contributes to dehydration. Remember to cut on your salt intake, since it too fosters dehydration.  

While using Phentermine you should be committed to a healthy diet plan. Eating less food than you usually do causes a drop in blood sugar leading to drowsiness. Therefore, instead of eating large meals, consider dividing them into small parts. This way, you are able to keep your body nourished at all times without prolonging periods of hunger, which can contribute to feeling tired.  

Make sure your plate includes foods with lots of vitamins and minerals. It will give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and curb drowsiness.  


Insomnia or Lack of Sleep 

Insomnia is a condition that makes you unable to sleep properly. It is associated with problems such as cravings, low energy, and stress.  A lack of sleep can affect your weight loss efforts. If you cannot sleep well, you will be exhausted the next day meaning you cannot exercise as well. It is important to get a handle on insomnia as soon as you can, and you should seek professional help if you are unable to combat the condition on your own.  

If Phentermine makes you toss around in bed, there are a few things you can do to help achieve a restful sleep. After dinner, take a warm bath. It will soothe your body, calm you down, and prepare you to sleep. Avoid habits such as watching TV or using your phone before bed. The light from these screens can prolong the time it takes you to fall asleep. Disconnect all gadgets that might keep you awake. Ensure you are as comfortable as possible by adjusting the room temperature, using a good pillow, and a comfortable mattress. 



Nausea disrupts your mood and kills your appetite. If you realize that after using the weight loss product you feel nauseous, do not panic. Try hydrating by drinking some water. This should help it go away. Eat small meals spread across the entire day. When you eat a large meal then wait for a prolonged period to eat again, you will feel hungry faster. You are likely to feel nausea as well. Ginger tea can also help to ease nausea.  


Dry Mouth 

Having a dry mouth is an unpleasant feeling. It may cause you to have chapped lips and sore gums. The obvious remedy is drinking water. You may not like the taste of plain water. You can add cucumber or lemon in it to improve how it tastes.  Eat cucumber, grapefruit and other fruits with high water quantity. They will go a long way in helping you hydrate. Once again, reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol, as they can contribute to dehydration and dry mouth.  



Constipation is a disorder many people experience across the globe. However, if you develop it while using Phentermine, there are several remedies. It all starts with your diet. Consume foods rich in fiber. They will help with digestion and ensure smooth movement of food in the gut, thus reducing constipation. 

Consider eating whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fibrous fruits. Do not forget to intake adequate water. It loosens waste making it easy to excrete. Reduce caffeine in your diet. It draws water from your system meaning you may have a harder time passing stool.  



The Final Word 

Like any other health and fitness product, Phentermine acknowledges these side effects. However, they are often mild and manageable. Handling them should be simple. All the remedies discussed are natural and can be done by yourself at home. How difficult is drinking water, eating fruits and making your bedroom sleep-friendly? These things take a few minutes and will not mess up your schedule in any way. However, if these side effects persist despite your own efforts to combat them, you should seek the help of a medical professional. 

What You Need to Know About Wood Fence Repair  

What You Need to Know About Wood Fence Repair


The durability of a wood fence depends on how you as the owner maintains it. Even so, wood fence repair is unavoidable especially when climate, termites, or mold have their way with it.

Causes of Wood Fence Damage and the Repairs Needed 

  • Shifting Ground (Under the fence)

Rain can result in the shifting of soil subsequently causing your fence posts to sag and move. This will ultimately damage the posts and necessitate repairs. To avoid total damage under such conditions, you should install your fence posts deep into the soil (at least three-feet under) to minimize total damage of the posts in case of a soil shift.

  • Rail and Post Damage

Wood fence posts comprise of rails and posts and damage to either usually mandate for repair.  Damage can be due to high winds, beetles, and termites among others. The wood fence repair process and costs vary with the wood type and fence design.

  • Rot

Naturally, wood is prone to rotting especially when exposed to external weather elements. Damaged posts can be fixed either by supporting the rotten rails/posts or patching them or even a replacement where the rot damage is severe. Alternatively, you can invest in ‘waterproof’ wood species such as redwood and cedar as well as purchasing types of wood fences that although not waterproof, are treatable with paint or a stain.

  • Cracks and Holes 

Inevitably, wood develops cracks and holes over time due to external factors such as climatic conditions and pests. And depending on the damage extent, minor repairs such as refinishing or patching can do the job. However, severe damage will usually require replacement.

  • Weather Damage

You need to add paint or stains on the wood for protection against weather damage and to boost its durability. Nonetheless, the quality and type of stain or paint will dictate its resilience and durability.

Before painting or staining, power-wash the wood surface to get rid of the dust buildup to ensure it adheres properly.

  • Sagging Posts & Gate

Sagging is a consequence of various factors. However, the decision to consider wood fence repair or wood fence replacement depends on the overall damage extent. Posts can sag due to rotting at the base (underground). In such instances, the best way to fix is to repair. You can dig around it, reposition it to an upright position, and then pour concrete around its base for a firm hold in the right place.  Alternatively, you can also prop it by incorporating a diagonal brace and adding cement for a firm hold.

Gates can also sag either because the surrounding posts are also sagging or some of its parts are loose or faulty.  Moreover, if the gate is too heavy, it can force the frame off its alignment. You can fix this by removing the maligned gate off the hinges and attaching a new diagonal bracing (wood) to realign it. Alternatively, you can insert a tension rod with a turnbuckle adjustment.

  • Replacement Panels

Rot, storms, and wind may result in missing panels, and as a result, replacement may be necessary.  The replacement costs may vary depending on the stain and wood types used during the first installation. Additionally, the figures may also change on the inclusion of labor and the number of panels.

  • Gate Repairs

Over time, factors such as broken hinges and latches that won’t catch can hinder the effectiveness of a wood fence gate, hence the need for gate repair.

Hinges can especially do so especially when they are not in good condition or working correctly. For instance, faulty hinges can lead to the gate dragging against the hinges. This is because with time; the weight of the gate misaligns the posts eventually. In such case, a small wheel is fixed underneath the gate’s moving part to support the gate and also enable smooth hinge movement.

Factors That Determine the Repair Costs  

  • Fence Height

The height of a wood fence varies depending on the owners’ preference and the local area codes. As such, depending on the fence height, the costs of repair may vary.

  • Extent of Damage

The extent to which the wood is damaged (as well as what type of wood it is) will dictate the costs of repair. Cedar, pressure-treated wood, and redwood (although costly) are quite durable and may require less amount of paint or stain as opposed to other kinds of wood.  Investing in such as opposed to cheaper options (which experience a greater extent of damage eventually) may mean less expensive repair costs in the end.

  • Supporting Structure

Fence posts primarily support the entire wood fence, and as such, any damage to them must be repaired. If the post shifts from its usual position due to various external factors like the weather, for instance, you may have to reset them deeper into the ground or in a concrete foundation. Damaged posts can also be refinished, replaced, or patched.

  • Concrete Foundation

Where the damage occurs on a post secured by a concrete foundation, repairs may usually require digging out the old foundation and fence post and pouring another concrete foundation to set another post. Alternatively, you can also dig around the damaged post and saw it down. Afterward, you can set your new post just above the old post and pour concrete over the old foundation.

The costs of repair will factor in the damage extent, wood type, post numbers, and labor.


Why Detox Tea is Perfect for Any Time of the Day

Detox tea is tea which contains active ingredients that help to eliminate toxins from the human body. It’s something that a lot of people rely on in order to lose weight and feel their very best. It may be used sporadically, to purify the system, or be used on a more consistent basis in order to maintain good health. When detox tea is used regularly over a longer time frame, it tends to support long-term weight loss goals.  

Today, we want to talk about why detox tea is perfect for any time of the day. Once you learn more about it and why it’s used morning, noon and night, you may want to try detox tea yourself!

Why Is It Good Anytime?

Detox tea or other detox drinks, such as ultra-healthy meal replacement shakes, may be enjoyed at any time of the day or night The body always need the vital nutrients which are found in the best detox teas and diet shakes. Some people drink these teas or shakes instead of having breakfast, while others use these drinks at other times of the day.

The main reason why most teas of this type are fine anytime, is because they are caffeine-free. This means that drinking this type of detoxifying tea at night may help to promote deep and healing rest, rather than keeping you wide awake! Premium diet shakes are also free of caffeine, as well as sugar. It’s good to avoid sugar before bedtime, as it may offer a quick spike of energy which makes it harder to fall asleep.

If you want nutrients which help your body to function at its best, you’ll find them in detox teas and high-quality diet shakes, and you’ll be able to enjoy these drinks at breakfast, lunch or dinner (or at snack times). They will work their magic no matter when you consume them!

What’s In Detox Teas and Diet Shakes?

Ingredients will vary based on brand. Most detox teas are blends of herbal teas which are known for their health-boosting properties. It’s quite common for a detox tea to contain green tea, which is known for its plethora of powerful antioxidants. Green tea may contain caffeine or be decaffeinated. As we touched on earlier, we think that caffeine-free detox teas are the most beneficial, especially if you want to drink them later in the day. So, look around for teas which won’t give you the caffeine jitters by over-stimulating your mind and body.

In addition to caffeinated green tea or decaffeinated green tea, detox teas may contain Milk Thistle, which purifies the liver organ. Milk Thistle is loaded with silymarin, which is an antioxidant. Milk Thistle is a natural plant extract that protects the liver organ from the detrimental effects of particular substances, including alcohol and certain medications (acetaminophen is an example).

Burdock is also a common feature of many detoxification teas. It’s an herbal extract which is made from the root of a plant. It protects the cells within the liver and helps to clean the blood. Its healing properties are linked with its sesquiterpene lactones and inulin content. These two compounds slow down the pace of cell damage and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Other active natural ingredients to look for while shopping around for the ideal detox tea blend are Dandelion and Artichoke extracts. Dandelion extract acts as a diuretic. It helps to flush out the system and minimizes or nixes bloating. Artichoke extract fights toxins, thanks to its anti-oxidants, which are luteolin, cynarin and chlorogenic acid.

What About Diet Shakes?

If you want the most impressive detox tea benefits, look for sugar-free, gluten-free and soy-free formulas. Also, seek out meal replacement shakes which contain probiotics. They help the body to eliminate impacted waste. Natural fiber is also a good thing to look for in a diet shake. Five grams of natural, plant-based fiber per serving will help your digestive system to run efficiently.

Are Detox Teas Right for You?

If you feel like your body could use a little boost, then a detox tea may be right for you. If you want more protein, calories and nutrients than these teas provide, consider choosing pure and protein-rich diet shakes instead.

Why Detox Tea Is Perfect As a Snack

I’ve been trying to lose weight and things have been going so well so far. I made a few healthy changes to my daily diet and lifestyle and one of these changes was to start having a cup of detox tea as a snack, rather than nibbling on food that contains calories. To boost my chances of weight loss success, I also drink one meal replacement shake every day.

In addition, I exercise moderately a few times a week. When you implement the same changes, you’ll probably find that the weight falls off. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. I’ve been using detox tea, and exercise for a few weeks now and I’ve lost ten pounds. I’m female and I find that ten pounds is a big and positive change for a woman! My clothes fit better, my face looks thinner and I feel more attractive.

I should probably lose another five pounds and the routine that I’m relying on right now, which includes detox tea as a snack, seems to be the magic formula for dependable and impressive weight loss. I lose weight in a healthy way that isn’t too drastic and there’s no reason to believe that I won’t achieve my goal weight within a couple of weeks, as long as I stay with my routine. It’s a routine which is pretty easy to follow.

So, why is detox tea so effective? Well, it provides a lot of assistance in just one cup!

Benefits of Detox Tea

Detox tea contains all-natural ingredients which are plant-based. It purifies the body by making it easier for the body to get rid of toxins. As well, it relieves the pressure on major organs, including the liver, by cleansing them of toxins which make it harder for them to work efficiently. I chose a detox tea with Milk Thistle because I did want to make it easier for my liver to do its work.

The liver is a very regenerative organ. However, it has a lot to do in the body and it needs support in order to function at its best. Cutting out alcohol also supports liver health. When I’m dieting, I give my liver support by sticking to just one glass of white wine once a week.

Why do I pamper by liver with detox tea and low alcohol consumption while I diet? It’s because the liver produces bile and this bile helps to break down fat. If you’ve never considered the link between efficient liver performance and weight loss, it’s time to start. Detox teas with Milk Thistle extract or other liver-cleansing and liver-strengthening active ingredients definitely help people to lose weight.

I also drink detox tea that contains antioxidants. These antioxidants are found in green tea. If you want a detox tea formula which is rich with antioxidants, and keeps your body younger by slowing down the pace of damage to cells, go for one without caffeine, unless you want a bit of caffeine to help you get through the day. In general, a caffeine-free formula will be more versatile.

When your detox tea is caffeine-free, you’ll be able to enjoy it as an evening snack, rather than drinking it only in the mornings and/or afternoons. You won’t need to worry that it will keep you awake!

Detox tea, which purifies the body, is important for weight loss. A good detox tea will not have a lot of calories. The best detox teas have the perfect balance. They have low calories (112 per serving or less), fifteen grams of protein per serving, minerals, superfood greens, vitamins and natural fiber (five grams per serving). Also, these meal replacement shakes are sugar-free and don’t contain gluten or soy.

If you want to slim down, shopping online for a detox tea for snack time and meal replacement shakes will be smart shopping! These products aren’t very expensive and they are the ideal secret weapons for predictable, safe and easy weight loss. I’m so glad that I discovered diet shakes and detox teas.