Why You Should Start Taking TruVision Supplements Post-haste

Understanding Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid, a chemical compound that is an ester of quinic and caffeic acid, can be found in nature in a variety of fruits and vegetables namely eggplant, blueberries, pears, apples and strawberries, even green coffee beans. While this can be found in a good variety of natural foods, we understand that it’s not always easy to count intake of something that isn’t easily weighed out. Also, if you prefer your coffee roasted, as is the case with a regular cup of the beverage, then you have not been doing your body justice as the compound is disintegrated by the excess heat which destroys the nutritive properties of the acid. However, TruVision supplements are a good way to enjoy the full benefits of the essential acid.

Why Chlorogenic Acid is Good for your Body

1) It is an effective antioxidant
The compound exhibits anti-neuron oxidation properties and as such, it is adept at combating stress arising from hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, it is effective at curtailing neuro-inflammations.

2) Keeps diabetes at bay
Diabetes usually sets in as a result of intolerance to glucose and the acid helps the body build up this immunity therefore decreasing susceptibility to the disease. However, the CA compound needs to be incorporated into a regular diet and is more effective when coupled with weight loss regimes.

3) Keeps blood pressure in check
Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to exhibit a counter-hypersensitive effect and has even been used in recent years to help patients cope with problems of hypertension. This it achieves by improving vaso-reactivity. Remember that if you drink coffee, this compound isn’t found in the same levels, and in fact, can push you down the diabetic slope.

4) It is a powerful weight loss solution
The issue of weight loss has become quite an important topic in this present day and age with many people across the population dealing with obesity and the health implications that come with it. When metabolism is boosted, the body can begin to burn unnecessary fats.

Where to Find Chlorogenic Acid

While a healthy diet and constant exercise still remain among the best weight solutions, a supplement also plays an important role and can help drag you over the fitness goals you’re trying to reach. And not just any supplement but a natural effective one like the TruVitamin supplement that possesses the essential CA acid.

The acid, through the functioning of the liver, keeps fat absorption in the body at a minimum thereby nipping the problem right in the bud. For already present fat, the compound accelerates breakdown by instigating increased metabolism.

What’s more, it is the perfect supplement choice for heavy-duty routines such as running and bodybuilding as the compound only targets fat and leaves much-needed carbohydrates intact. This effectively helps cut down on weight while reducing the after-routine fatigue synonymous with other methods of losing weight.

What Can I Do?

The good news is that you don’t have to go out and buy multiple different types of vitamins and foods in order to aid in the ingestion of chlorogenic acid. TruVision contains two different types of supplements. One contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Chromium just to name a few. It’s called TruFix, and it will truly help fix your blood sugar levels. The other contains B6 and green tea extract, which is a great start to boosting metabolism, and is called TruControl. Both of these supplements will aid in the curtailing neuro-inflammations, boost metabolism, breaking down fat, and regulate or lower blood glucose levels. Take a moment to check out everything they have to offer! 


Are You Going to Replace Your Allergen-Infested Carpet? Here is the Solution

Many people prefer buying carpet in Indianapolis for a wide number of reasons, whether it be for home or office. Carpets can make a home or business much more warm, welcoming, and beautiful. However, these carpets normally get dirty with time and do require regular cleaning. Your carpet can get much dirtier if you have kids and pets in the home. Your carpet can have a foul-smell as a result of dirt, unknown messes, and buildup. This can be frustrating and even embarrassing as a homeowner. If you fall into this category, now might be a good time to consider replacing your carpet. 


Best Flooring is your go-to carpet Indianapolis provider and has just the selection you need to get the look and feel you want. Our knowledgeable team will help you from start to finish with choosing the right materials, planning your project, and we, of course, offer installation from one of the best crews in all of Indianapolis. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants in an old carpet can be a problem. 

Carpets normally get dirty due to a number of issues. They can become a problem when too much outside dirt is tracked in and not properly maintained. In addition, constant food messes can cause your carpet to harbor bacteria. Fur from pets can clog your carpet and create dander buildup, as well. Children can also take a major toll on your carpet. Regular vacuuming and cleaning, unfortunately, cannot eliminate all of the underlying contaminants from years and years of use. 

As mentioned above, a carpet can harbor some major allergens if not properly cleaned on a regular schedule. You will note that over 50 million Americans are affected by indoor allergens. Some of the common symptoms that an individual is likely to experience include: 

  1. Itchy eyes.
  2. Watery eyes.
  3. Wheezing
  4. Sneezing
  5. Skinrash or other dermal reactions
  6. Eczema

The most common causes of indoor allergies are dust, mold, and pet hair. Sometimes these indoor allergens can even be fatal. However, there are some common signs and symptoms you can recognize to determine if the carpets in your home are to blame. If you have a carpet in your home, you should be aware of these concerns so that you can mitigate them. You will note that a large number of homes and businesses have carpet. If you are asthmatic or have certain allergies, dirty carpets can me a cause of major concern for you. These carpets can affect the air quality in homes and businesses if they are not able to properly absorb these allergens and keep them out of the air we breathe. If your carpet in Indianapolis is in need of replacement, call or stop into Best Flooring where our team will get you the new, clean carpeting that you need in your home or business. 

You don’t have to steer away from carpet flooring to reduce these problems. A new carpet can give you a clean slate for years. However, you still must consider that over the years, your carpet will hold more bacteria and allergens than other types of flooring. There are a number flooring options that you can consider if you feel that carpeting is not the best option anymore. You can consider installing laminate, hardwood, bamboo, or even tiles. The style and material of the flooring option you pick will depend only on personal preference and taste. There are a great variety of wood choices as well as color options to choose from. However, you should ensure that the design and color of your flooring matches your overall interior décor schemes. Our knowledgeable sales team can certainly help you out with this decision. 

You should also consider durability when choosing a flooring option for your home. You should choose a durable material so that it will last for many years. Hardwood flooring is a favorite of many. It’s a great idea to consider hiring a professional to install the flooring option of your choice. You will note that there are several DIY techniques that can help you to install a certain floor, but actually carrying this out is a huge task and not one that many are prepared to do. There are often unique problems in each home that only professionals are suited to address. The following are some more reasons why professionals are the best route to go: 

1. Expertise.

Professionals are known to offer top notch quality service to their clients…this is the obvious reason why they are professionals. They have received the proper training and have the proper amount of experience to get the job done right the first time with quality guaranteed. Most of the time, professionals are also insured (very important!) and will offer warranties on their work. 

2. More experience.

As briefly mentioned above, professionals have far more experience than someone doing odd jobs or trying to install flooring yourself. They are familiar with common problems that arise and have the quick and easy solution. They are also familiar with the bones of floors. If there are issues, they will be able to notify you, whereas do-it-yourselfers might miss significant issues that need to be addressed. 

3. Quality is guaranteed.

If you want to replace your carpet in Indianapolis, it is, by far, the best option to let a team of professionals get the job done right and done quickly. If you try to do this yourself, you could end up getting stuck in a renovation that takes weeks and end up with shoddy work. This will not happen with a team of professional installers.  

Best Flooring isn’t only a carpet and flooring store. They sell and install window treatments as well! For all of your flooring and window treatment needs, head over to Best Flooring (formerly known as Big Bob’s Indy).

Tops Tips on How to Succeed at Daily and Weekly Planning

life planner

As a self-employed mother of a young kid, I fully understand the importance of planning. My life is always busy but it has put me in a position where I can be able to plan what to do daily and weekly so that I can create enough time to spend with my son while still managing to operate my home-based business. I make sure I plan my days and weeks careful to create enough time for my family, health concerns and for my business. This in turn allows creating a path that is clear for me in maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. In this piece, I am going to give you reasons why a daily planner and weekly planning is paramount and most importantly I will also share with you the strategies that I have been using to achieve my goals. 

The points below will demonstrate to you why a daily planner and weekly planning is essential to success 

  • A daily or weekly planner can be one method that will help to reduce stress quotient. With proper planning, you will experience peace of mind knowing that you have already formulated a feasible plan of actions towards achieving your set and attainable goals. 
  • A good plan will also work in a way that you will be able to create a contingency plan to work around obstacles, planning is a part of trying to foresee some challenges that you might face in future and try to create means of overcoming them.
  • Planning is a way that helps you to evaluate your progress as you work towards achieving your set goals and objectives.A good planner will also help you to illustrate clearly whether you are staying on the schedule or not. 

The following are a few tips that will help you in implementing your strategies in your planning to achieve your goals and objectives.

weekly planner
Dreamcatcher planner
  • The first step when creating your plan is to identify and outline your goals clearly at the beginning. Take a few minutes and put down your plan down in black and white. This is important because it will help you to make a plan that will succeed.
  • Once you have a clear picture of what your goals are, it is time you brainstorm them on the tasks that you will be required to complete towards accomplishing your project. Create an order of all your tasks in a logical manner and assign each task an estimated completion time. Breaking down your tasks into goals is beneficial in that you will start scheduling your activities early enough.
  • Next, at this point you will need to define the roles that you will be required to play and also the roles that will be fulfilled by others as well as who will assist you in the accomplishment of the defined tasks according to how they appear in your logical order. This is essential because you can be able to tell who will handle what tasks without redundancy and unnecessary confusion in between.
  • Once you have come up with your goals lists and the tasks required, the people who will be involved and what each will be doing, it is finally the time to start off with your scheduling. While scheduling your tasks it is paramount to ensure that you come up with a daily and a weekly planner 

For overall success, you will find that the weekly planning is very important to manage to accomplish your projects. But the daily planning is the one that will help you to backtrack your progress and determine whether you are in line with your schedule or not. You can try out with a significant project milestone which has necessary components of your project and plans the accomplishment of those components on a daily and weekly basis. This is the only way that you can ensure that you come up with a plan that will work the best way for you in the future.

During the project process, you can keep evaluating your performance to determine whether you will need to adjust your schedule a bit according to what you see failing you as you backtrack. This is where daily planning comes in handy. Take a few minutes in the middle of the day and in the evening as you close the day and evaluate your performance and your progress, you can make adjustments as necessary according to how you see it.

Holistic Nutrition and ActivatedYou

When people look to their health, it’s easy to fall into the trap of tunnel vision. Your doctor tells you that you are deficient in one nutrient, and you alter your diet or supplements to match. However, you may be selling yourself short. For example, a doctor may recommend a food that is rich in fiber, but also has plenty of added salt. As a result, you need to be careful to try and take a whole, or holistic, approach to nutrition.1

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

The basic principle of holistic nutrition is to combine a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and offers the patient a roadmap to recovery based on sound nutritional principles.A major part of this is trying to let the body do its best work with natural materials. For example, our body is a constant series of reactions. However, synthetics or other materials may interfere with them. This means that holistic nutritionists focus on natural and organic foods and supplements with proven track records of supporting health. In essence, rather than targeting a specific issue, holistic nutrition is about tackling cause problems by getting better nutrition all around. Holistic nutritionists take on some of the following issues: 

  1. Weight loss and weight management
  2. Increased energy levels
  3. Improved mood
  4. Better sleep
  5. Improved skin tone and texture
  6. Strengthened immune system
  7. Balanced blood sugar levels
  8. Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  9. Improved digestion and relief from constipation3

The ActivatedYou Story 

This concept of using natural principles and holistic nutrition is central to the ActivatedYou approach. ActivatedYou is a partnership between Dr. Edison de Mello and actress Maggie Q. Maggie Q may be known for her roles in on TV and screen, but she has also been an advocate for those in need all her life. Her own struggles with personal health stemmed from her youth, where an undiagnosed condition left her struggling with fatigue, mood swings and bloating. As she worked to get to the top of Hollywood, she also developed a deep interest in the world of nutrition. Today, Maggie Q is working to connect health, well-being, and sustainability, something that we all can aspire to.

This makes the perfect match for Dr. de Mello. On top of being a physician and psychotherapist, he is also the Founder and Medical Director of the world-renowned Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. His special East-meets-West approach helps patients from families to Hollywood celebrities. As Medical Director and co-founder of Activated You, he carries over his philosophy that one should  “meet their patient before meeting their condition.” 

This is espoused by the ActivatedYou brand by Akasha Naturals, combining modern science with knowledge of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, and more. Combine these factors together, and this makes the perfect combination for your gut and beyond. 

Putting Holistic Nutrition Into Practice

Part of working towards holistic nutrition is taking a full-on approach to your health, which means finding healthy whole foods packed with nutrients to build your diet around. However, all our bodies are different, and when we look to get healthy, we all start from different areas.4,5  As a result, don’t be surprised if you need a little supplemental help. A great way to do this while still keeping to the principles of holistic nutrition is using some of the great products from Activated You. 

One great example is the ActivatedYou’s Advanced Restorative Probiotic. You may know that probiotics are linked to just about anything from better digestive health to lower risk of certain conditions.6,7 Success in this area is all about the right strains of good bacteria.

The Advanced Restorative Probiotic is the one of the most powerful probiotic strains on the market today. This follows the idea of other probiotics in terms of populating the gut with healthy bacteria. But where it stands apart is the fact that it has over 30 strains, is completely vegetarian, and takes an all-inclusive approach. Keep an eye out for your energy levels, mood, and overall health.

Another example of an area where your body may need a little extra help is with digestive enzymes. Many different reactions from different organs govern the processing of our food.  They also cover the absorption of its nutrients, and moving it along until it becomes waste. As a result, one cog out of sorts in this machine can cause issues.X Digestive enzymes are what control these reactions. Activated You’s Active Enzyme is a powerful enzyme blend that helps take over where your body leaves off, providing digestive comfort and relief. 

Combine these products with the right lifestyle choices, and you’ll be well on the path to a healthier, happier life. 

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This New Probiotic Makes Cow Burps Less Damaging to the Environment

Cow burps and farts are serious environmental business, as strange as it sounds. The backbone of our dairy and beef industries come with serious costs to nature. This takes form not only in the land that they require to graze and live, but also in term of the methane they add to the atmosphere. In 2016, the California legislature introduced the Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Act, which was designed to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, and methane levels by 40%. This included cow farmers, whose animals contribute via flatulence, burps, and manure. Cattle-derived accounts for around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the long-term, we may want to scale back our dependence on cows. In the short term, a probiotic called Mootral tries to cut things down at the source. 

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that exist within the body, in many areas including the mouth, stomach, and colon. This may sound a bit unnerving at first, but is a natural part of the body and how it functions. In fact, human cells in the body are outnumbered by microorganisms at a 10 to 1 ratio.1 All these microorganisms, including types of probiotics in the body together, are our microbiome, a sort of mini-ecosystem in our body. No microbiome is the same, even with identical twins. 

We mentioned before how a microbiome is similar to an ecosystem like any forest or lake near your home. This starts as a blank slate when we are in the womb. After birth, it changes when we come into contact with various microbes. In particular, our diets play a role. Much scientific study has shown that the gut microbiome plays an important role in how we digest our food and process nutrients.

This is the role of probiotic supplements. They bring balance back to the body’s ecosystem by reintroducing good bacteria. Studies have shown that this can help deal with common digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome. This is only scratching the surface of the potential of probiotics. Other possible effects include improved immunity, allergies, and even improvements in mood. 3  In some cases,  certain probiotics are a good match for certain groups, like expecting mothers. After all, if microbes are in all parts of the body, it stands to reason that introducing the best bacteria could stand to improve a number of different systems. 

Is Mootral The Solution?

Mootral, a new natural feed supplement from Zaluvida, makes a pretty hefty promise: to instantly reduce cow methane emissions by at least 30%. While this may seem like a tall order considering the sheer volume of methane out there, Zaluvida does have some credentials in this area, being a biotech company that tackles health challenges ranging from antibiotic resistance to livestock emissions. 

Mootral is a powdery supplement with two main ingredients, garlic and proprietary citrus extracts. This powder is compressed into pellets and added to the feed streams of cattle. Combined, these two ingredients were discovered to improve cows’ ability to digest without emitting excess methane in the process. While cow farts are blamed for methane, it’s actually the burps that are the biggest issue, so that is what Mootral targets. However, Mootral is a bit more than just a burp curber for cows. 

Instead, it reduces the amount of methane present in burps. It does this by emulating any probiotic supplement that you would take yourself. This means discouraging the growth of the bad bacteria that produce methane, and promoting good bacteria that aids digestion. Trista Van Tine, global marketing director for Mootral, calls it  “is a solution that acknowledges the reality of where we are today.” “We want to help farmers make more money, and we want to help the environment.” It doesn’t take much of the supplement to deliver its promised effects: only 10 to 17 grams per cow per day. 

This could potentially do a lot for the environment and the cattle industry. Zaluvida estimates that if 40% of the world’s 1.5 billion cows are fed the supplement, the resulting emissions reductions would be equivalent to removing 200 million cars from the road. However, with 30% of the world’s land being used for cattle raising, not counting feed production, Mootral may be one small part of a larger method needed to help with methane in the atmosphere. At least the cows will be eating a little easier, in theory. 

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PHGH: The All-Natural Viagra that Actually Works!

Viagra is a prescription medication that you can get from your doctor to reduce erectile dysfunction (ED) however, not everyone is prepared to integrate pharmaceutical drugs into their health regimen. I know I didn’t want to! And that is exactly the reason why I talked to my doctor about other natural options to help with my erection problems. It’s not that I am unable to get it up – because I can. But today, it’s just not the same in the bedroom behind closed doors with my partner as it used to be when I was younger.

I am by no means an “old man,” but apparently ED can even affect men before the age of 40! According to researchers, ED commonly happens around this time in men’s lives because cardiovascular function tends to decline for men in their 40’s. The two health concerns are linked because, as you may know, when you get an erection it requires more blood flow to your penis. That’s how it all works, so if you are having any type of cardiovascular issue like high blood pressure, or cholesterol imbalance (commonly caused by a poor diet) it could negatively affect your ability to get hard. And it will definitely cause you to notice changes in your sex life!1

How I Found PHGH: The All-Natural Viagra

When I thought about improving my performance in bed, I wanted to talk to my doctor about it first. Truth be told, I really went to his office to find out about getting a prescription for Viagra – a pharmaceutical medication for ED. However, when I got there my doctor basically told me that I didn’t have a problem with my penis … the problem, was in my cardiovascular system. But there was good news! I was going to be able to address the problem, and boost my overall health at the same time. I just needed to follow his recommendations for some simple, and easy lifestyle changes. They included regular exercise, a heart-healthy menu, along with suggestions for an all-natural vasodilator supplement.

Essentially, this was all supposed to help me get my cardiovascular function back to 100% as over the years, my stressful job, and my lack of healthy eating had taken a toll on my ticker. I was ready, and getting a little excited that I wasn’t going to just pop a prescription pill for a hard-on, because we all know that rock-your-world sex is much more than that. You need energy, stamina, and of course confidence in your own body, which only comes from taking care of it from the inside out. I took the suggestions to my online search browser, and you’ll never guess what I found …

PHGH Advanced Vaso/Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement was right there for the taking! Designed specifically for men with a dual need for a strong cardiovascular system, plus a hard, lasting erections PHGH isn’t just a shot-in-the-dark formula. In fact, PHGH was created by an experienced male pornstar, with over 100 movies behind him. He had already tried pharmaceutical medications for ED before to use in his films, but they had stopped working, and he knew that wouldn’t work to help him on set. John needed to find a male enhancement blend that actually worked. So, he made hundreds of attempts for ingredient combinations that would be as effective as the pills he had taken before. And finally, he nailed it!

What’s Inside the PHGH Advanced Vaso Formula For Men

While many male enhancement supplements contain ingredients said to work, all 5 of the natural ingredients of PHGH Advanced Vaso/Capillary Expanding Male Lifestyle Supplement are clinically proven to work!2

  1. Tribulus terrestris. This is a plant that was used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Today it has been proven to protect heart cells, even in people who have suffered a heart attack.3,4
  2. L-arginine. As an essential amino acid, arginine has the capacity as a vasodilator to boost nitric oxide (NO) production for more circulation of blood, and oxygen.5
  3. Tongkat Ali. Able to promote a strong libido, this herb has been used to boost energy levels, and restore high levels of testosterone production in men. A proven libido booster!6
  4. Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed). Within this herb is a phytochemical called icariin shown to improve virility.7
  5. Maca. A tool used to reduce ED naturally in men. This root herb boosts NO production, thus acting as a vasodilator. Maca is also known to boost your good mood, and strengthen the lower limbs when added to a daily regimen.8,9

Talk to Your Doctor

Do NOT wait to talk to your doctor about the formula that could change your life. It’s not too late to take control of your health, and regain the sexual life you used to have, and the one you’ve been craving. Trust the combination of ancient remedies used for libido, energy, and virility in the power of PHGH!

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